Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Am Who I Am.......

I am who I am
That is that
I am who I am looking back
You are who I am
Can you imagine that
We are in a society now where being yourself is not advised, you are expected to live up to the expectations of the media, especially women, who have the 'supermodels' and 'movie stars' to compete with, these people are not perfect, most of them are so insecure that they rely on diets, drugs, surgery and the adoration of others to keep them in shape.
The level of disconnection within causes us to fight our inner demons in the wrong direction, attempting to be something we are not, looking for someone, anyone to fill that void inside. In actual fact there is no separation from each other, we all hold the essence of God inside, the separation comes from the dysfunction within our self.
Thus, the key to all the disharmony within is the inability to love our self and to see the glory of our own essence.
Love comes from within, we do not need to seek it outside of our self, to do that we gravitate towards the unbalanced areas within us, not towards the positive, that is why 99% of love affairs fail, we eventually balance the areas that the person filled for us, thus rendering their role in our life over. We deal with this in many different ways, often taking us into periods of upheaval, affairs or hopelessness, there comes a point where you must realise that balancing and loving yourself first is the only way to find a soul love, if not you will continue to be drawn towards people that reflect yourself back to you, which of course will lead you right back to where you where before, stuck!
Doing the work is the most challenging lesson any of us can do, but, it is this lesson alone that will lead us to real, authentic love.
And time ALONE is the only way to find it.
I am learning a lot about myself by living alone, and although touch is what I miss the most there is no way I can justify some sort of fling just to have that need met.
To me that is shallow and of no value to my soul, I have found the divine within me, I have sat in ecstasy with cosmic love flowing in waves throughout my body, which is why I know that only an aware soul will be accepted by me, someone who too sees past the outer shell and into my heart. This moment is what my life has been all about, finding and acknowledging the God within, not just me, but, in every living soul on this planet, each inanimate object too, God is ever present always, yet in the chaos of the 'modern' world we fail to see his love radiated in every corner of the world. If we return to the calling of our heart, we will once again be sitting at One with the divine in every moment of our life.
It all starts by going within.
Just as a caterpillar turns into the magnificent butterfly, so to do we have the ability to shed our self imposed cocoons and spread our wings towards the path of true, pure, cosmic love............


Mark Kreider said...

That was inspirational! You are so right. I think we are sort of there most of the time... it's been 33+ years for us.

luksky said...

I have been searching for a few years for ME...I have found parts of me but yet have not found the whole.

Love your posts.

Jaky Astik said...

True. It all within us that matters and creates the without of us!