Thursday, May 21, 2009

Samudras Garden

Samudras garden lures you in, a hypnotic pull that entwines itself around your soul, drawing you closer to the quietness of this modest pantry. They believe in sustainable goodness here which is why they work by the following standards; We harvest as much rain as we can collect If it once lived it gets composted Waste is minimised with committed recycling The space your in (was in) has revived a great old Dunsborough building and used local /reclaimed materials To eat food that moments before was soaking up the goodness of the sun really does mean it is wholesome food, it can not come any fresher than this, to me this is the food of the soul, the gentle vibrations of Mother Nature pulsating its goodness from one being to another in a harmonic and peaceful way. Spying this tiny bird sitting on a branch symbolised the unity I felt in this garden paradise. Perhaps as the Aquarian Age descends upon us, more people will be drawn to the simple ways of Samudra, seeing that feeding the body can be done with purity, and without unnecessary bloodshed of other sentient beings.....

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