Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lunch At Samudra

The first day we decided to leave a contented Blossom snoozing by the fire and head off to Dunsborough a beautiful sea side town north of where we were staying. Of course as always searching for somewhere that I can eat is always a challenge, one that I know is self inflicted given my dedication of following a vegan diet, the main problem is that I react to food cooked by other people it is rare that I have no reaction even to the simplest of foods, if there is any contamination of animal products my body reacts and I am ill nearly instantly. So to save wandering around looking lost we first called into the tourist information office and asked were there any vegetarian places to eat???? Yes there was. Yippee. Newly opened in fact. Hubby listen to the directions then off we went in search of Samudra. It was my kinda place, it was not only a organic vegetarian/raw food eatery, but a yoga studio and organic garden too. Bliss for me, all my favourite things rolled into one! Having pondered over the menu for too long, I had a choice to make, I was not certain what to have, it ALL sound SO incredibly luscious. I narrowed it down to one after we agreed that we would come back, maybe not this visit but in the near future, I mean it is only a four and half hour drive from home!!!! All ordered so we sat to wait under the shade of a mighty gum tree....................... My feast, was just delicious. LUSCIOUS LENTIL BURGER* Seasoned pattie of lentils, rice & carrot, warmed & topped with salad. Served on a wood fired sourdough bun, scraped with curry butter & topped with tomato relish....... *contains cooked ingredients..... Hubby's feats was; TUSCAN REFLECTION PIZZA A raw blast of garlic, tomato, seed mozzarella cheese & brazil nut parmesan on a sun dried nut & vegetable bake. After our lunch I enjoyed a soy cappuccino while hubby sipped on water before having a stroll in the organic gardens........

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