Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perhaps I Am.......

Perhaps I am destined to never know who my birth parents are, after finally feeling that it was the right time to search for them the government department that holds all of the adoption papers has lost my hospital records and other relevant information from my file. How??
God only knows!
To add to the frustration, the hospital where I was born is no longer there, and the only place that had copies of the records was, yes you got it, the department that I am dealing with!!!!
Oh for joy!
So, where does that leave me now????? Good question, seeing all I have is my mothers name, (which may or may not be her real name,) I haven't even got a place of birth, seems she really did not want to leave a trail.
Maybe I am never meant to know....................


Anonymous said...

Gem, feeling sorry for you. I know it's hard. but hey! even blossoms doesn't know where she was born, even then she smiles and spreads smiles on the faces of some silly people like me! So, that's the story.

Actually, we never know when the story is starting or when it's ending. That's the miracle of humanity.

I have an idea. I will email it. Do just as I say. No cheating okay? Do just like the email says.

Trina said...

I wish I had something helpful or meaningful to say to you. I can only imagine how you are feeling.

My aunt broke several laws (she enlisted a hacker buddy) to find the daughter she gave up for adoption, with very happy results all around.

My best friend, on the other hand, was adopted by a woman who has held it over her head her entire life that she "bought" her when she was out of reproductive options, and feels that the "purchase" wasn't worth the money. My friend has had health problems her whole life, and her mother has made her feel bad for them the entire time. I think she has hesitated in trying to find her birth mother because she has had it beaten into her brain for so long that she is the faulty product of a substandard birth parent. That, or she is afraid that (given the severity of her own difficulty) there is no one left to find.

Whatever the universe decides for you, I hope in the deepest part of my heart that it is what you need, and that you find peace. I firmly believe that we will eventually know *everything*, but I understand that present knowledge and understanding do our souls much good. My thoughts are with you.