Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Step...........

Every step that I take is luring me closer to the core of my self, illuminating the essence of my true self. Deeper I plunge into the depths of the silence within me, quiet and still, sitting with the noiseless serenity that resides within me.
The more I sit in the quiet solitude of my self the more I long to stay here, hushed by the resonance that vibrates through me, connecting me to the heart of the Universe, to the pounding love of our Creator.
Seeing me, feeling me, rising above the dramas that surround the human life that I lead, knowing that the way home is found within, always within.
To seek on the outside takes you nowhere, except in circles, ceaselessly searching for a person or a course to provide you with the answers or solution that you require, which of course will never come.
To conquer any challenges that we wish to transcend can only be done on the inside, by you alone, facing the parts of your-self that you push onto others, to afraid to look at the parts inside you that must be acknowledged before you can proceed any further.
Seeing your true self is enlightening, invigorating, freeing. Working with your self, for your self is the only way to inner harmony, peace and love, and once you begin to sit and to listen to the silence, to know that the constant chattering in your head is worthless, to know that the stillness holds your answers, the stillness caresses your soul, freeing you from the illusions of the outside world, of the petty dramas and power struggles that the humans have become addicted to.
If we all took the time to sit and to be still, to return to the realms of inner love we would see a monumental breakthrough in the quest for world and personal peace..............

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Anonymous said...

ya, they are so enchanting. Gem, let's share our google reader items. that would be fun. what do you think?