Sunday, February 01, 2009

Simple Things In Life.........

The simple things in life bring the most joy to my soul, there is so much magic and inspiration to be found in the glorious world that surrounds us, yet many never receive the boons of love from this miraculous planet of ours. Some are too busy interacting with the newest hi tech gadgets to notice the wonders that surrounds them.
My heart saddens as I watch this new generation of children beginning their stories in life, they play games with their television sets, whatever happened to playing tennis outside, and with a real person??
Some are proud of their youngsters being capable of using a computer before they even go to school, I would rather see them exploring the real world, the one that awaits them outside, the one that can teach them so much if only someone would show them. And what of the teenage girls who think that hair extensions, fake tans and plastic finger nails make them more attractive? Have they too lost their ability to see their inner beauty before they even leave school. When has their innocence gone?
I have maintained my innocence, I still see the world through the eyes of the child I was, I never tire of a new day dawning or a bird flying overhead, nothing compares to the joy I feel when I commune with nature, I do wish dearly that more shared my passion for the wonders of nature, especially the children......................

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