Thursday, February 12, 2009

If Today Was............

If today was your last day alive what would you do?
What would it mean to give up this loaned body, this existence?
Would you be filled with anticipation to be returning home, to a world where we are connected to source continually?
Would you be devastated to be leaving the ones you love?
Afraid that this is it, I am no more?
Would you look around you and truly see the beauty of this planet?
Would you hear the melody in the birds that sing?
Would you hear the silence and feel at peace?
Would you hold regret in your heart?
Would you feel a peace in your soul, knowing that you have lived a full life?
Would you hold gratitude for being given the blessing of being you................

1 comment:

jakyas said...

actually, Gem, if it is the last day, there is something I can tell you. Enjoy everyday as your last day, cause we don't know when it's arriving.

Just search google and watch the film Gajini. A really touching love story.