Thursday, January 15, 2009

As Another Year Begins............

As another year begins I reminisce over the chapters of last years story understanding why it was that I attracted a bout of pneumonia while on holiday, I have seen clearly the cause of this dis-easement that ravaged my body so, there were several chapters in my year which did not radiate positive vibrations, although as always I see that out of all negative challenges comes a much required lesson, often we do not see our part in these matters until we step outside ourselves to look at what has been given to us.
I feel with the illness I have had an intense cleansing, in fact the feeling of well being is now overwhelming, joyfulness and peace are restored.
It is not always easy to see the positive in a negative situation I know, however, any issue/problem/challenge we have is always designed to give us the chance to transcend all worn out patterns and replace them with a new blueprint if only we are willing to look at ourselves and vibrations we have been sending out.
Nothing comes to us by chance, we get back exactly what we think about and talk about the most, most of us focus on negative aspects which we would like to change, and the universe being as it is sends us more of the same, we focus on it, we get it, simple as that.
I can see that my wayward thinking has created for me a timely reminder to get back back on track. Many people waste so much time thinking that they are going to be happy when they get a certain thing, loose weight, get a new job, have a better relationship, yet until they realise that focusing on the situation which you wished to change only brings you more of the same nothing will change, not for the better in any case.
We are masters of manifestation, yet because many of us think that the body and the mind are two separate things we think that we have to fix one before we can work on the other, which is a fallacy, the body and mind work together in complete harmony, it is always down to watching what you think and say, being mindful of your every word.
The key to happiness and fulfillment is not difficult to achieve it is simply down to being happy and feeling yourself how you wish to be. I lived using these principals for years and my life was happy and stress free, then all of a sudden I went backwards switching myself off to indulge in a period of poor me, bless my beloved heart, although I know that it was all designed and willed by me giving me a much needed warning that I was not living in my light.
Now however I am back on track, having had the time to reflect on what I had done, thought and said to create the misalignment's within my life story, so back to me I go, allowing the past to float away and staying in the wonder of my now moments ready to create my tomorrows. It is easy to stay stagnated and wallowing in self pity, blaming someone or something else for how crap we feel or how bad/difficult our life is, it is only us that can make our life happy or sad, no one can hurt us unless we allow them to, nothing from the past can effect our life now (unless we think it can) as it is no longer relevant, yet so many of us harbour resentments that fester to create dis-easements with in our body and life because we are stubborn to let go whatever it was that happened to us. Is it far more fun to be miserable? I think not, it is simply that many of us do not understand the dynamics of the universe and how we hold happiness within the confines of our heart, we can not change how another views us, we can on the other hand control how we deal with the situations and emotions that are dealt to us.................

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