Thursday, October 02, 2008

This morning as I walked into work the sight of storm clouds gathering overhead bringing with them the promise of rain made my soul soar with joy, the morning calls of the birds were shrill against the silence of the threatening storm, in the valley below I could see the rain already pounding down drenching the earth with its watery gift for the thirsty plants and lake beneath.
As I ambled towards my trusty tractor I was merging myself with the thunderous booms that echoed across the sky, feeling the powerful energy surge into my being, a glorious way to begin my day. It is curious how people vary in the views of a stormy sky, some feeling that a grey day is somehow a burden to the spirit that in some way merges with the body to produce a melancholy mood, the sun is always shining overhead I often say, although shining especially brighter on a cloudy one..........................................

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