Monday, October 27, 2008

A Messages From Merlyn

"When one eats the body and blood of a fellow creature," Merlyn explained, "one also absorbs the energies and qualities of that creature along with it. For the blood contains the essence of what we are, be it a lion or a lamb. So to absorb these other qualities into our human selves, is to turn away from the goal which The Lords of Life have set for us: that of evolving beyond the animal kingdom of Abred, and into the loftier worlds beyond. In this light, each creature we devour sends us one step backward into our evolutionary past. Eat then, from the fruits of the plant kingdom instead, for this will encourage growth rather than decay. Why, even the followers of the Christ have a law that says: THOU SHALL NOT KILL, eventhough they have dedicated themselves to the destruction of our Druid race. So let us, uphold the living of their own wise law...... let us practice love and abstain from needless slaughter, even where they themselves do not. From this day onward you must never taste the flesh of any animal. Instead, eat of the fruits and grains which the Earth Mother offers to us without blood - for this is the way of Anglesey, the way of the Druids................" as said by Merlyn to a young Arthur

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