Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gentle Kangaroo's

This serene kangaroo was enjoying a few moments of undisturbed sleep surrounded by its family, I love to visit this nearby park walking closely to these gentle beings. Of late there has been two horrendous attacks on kangaroos in Australia the acts sickeningly barbaric, one kicked to death the other a joey, bashed at the hands of humans. I feel personally that a popular Australian past time of roo (kangaroo) shooting is disgusting enough, I can not get my head around why anyone could get pleasure out of shooting one of these magnificent animals in cold blood, let alone bashing or kicking one to death. To be as close I get with these trusting angels, is an honor, to see the grass stains on their little chins warms my heart, how adorable they are, these ones that I visit are lucky though, I pray for all their days protected and safe to live in peace........................................

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