Sunday, September 07, 2008


To experience within yourself, unconditional loving, loving that which you are as you exist in this third dimensional reality at this moment in time will create a resonance within your being that once living the Light that you are, will attract to you the identical essence within the the opposite body of soul energy. However a twin soul or soulmate when experienced within an enlightened awareness is not one other person, yet all of this wondrous world we live in, man and animals alike. As I have expanded my awareness to merge with those of a like frequency around me, I am able to comprehend on a deeper level all that surrounds me is ME, that I AM all, even those whose frequency is not of the same vibrations as my own, I see beyond this. I understand that all those who share my personal journey are not to awaken in this incarnation, it is not their time, those that are coming into my physical reality who do resonate along side me, who are here to assist in my continued voyage to Oneness are given to me at this time to enhance my growth, to move to the next level.

I am now entirely focused upon my journey, working more with the sounds and energy that will lift me from the denseness that entwines those around me who sleepwalk their way through life, by lifting my frequency I am of greater service to those who walk beside me, knowing that my Light will enhance their story even though it is not their time to awake. It does not matter whether or not people understand or share my views, they are where they are required to be, therefore all is perfect, all is as it should be.......................

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