Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Late yesterday afternoon I saw this rainbow when there was not as much as a droplet of rain in sight, as always the sight of a rainbow fills my soul with glee, I feel myself overflowing with love as I gazed heavenward captivated in the essence of the moment. I often wonder how many people actually take notice of what happens around them as they go about their daily business, I commented a few weeks ago whilst in a shop about a fantastic sunset, 'wow look at that' I said full of awe and inspiration at such a magnificent sight, everyone in the shop ran to the door and gazed about the car park looking for the source of my elation, and when I told them it was the setting sun that had caught my attention they all went back to what they were doing before, no one saw what I did, no one could see the light illuminating all that it touched with pure love, pulsating its essence into all that it comes into contact with, only I saw the moment for what it was.
All it takes is a moment to see what is really around you, all life is a miracle and I take none of it for granted, I see what surrounds me, I hear what surrounds me, I stop to smell flowers, to touch trees, to stroke animals and to take to the birds as they fly overhead, I even cross the road to avoid treading on ants, as I know that they are apart of me as is the rainbow hovering high overhead, god is everything and everything is me.................................................

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