Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do people react to you?
Do they treat you with respect?
How do you treat yourself?
With respect, love?
How we think of and treat our Self is reflected in the way others see and treat us, we get what we give out. It is all based on the law of attraction, what you focus upon the most you receive back!
Having encountered a rather upsetting situation at a friends place recently where one person was openly ignoring another I realised how gravely many of us treat ourselves, we then launch a full scale attack on someone else because you can see the part of your Self that requires attention reflected right back at you. You call that person names, say that they are this or that, anything but acknowledge that part of you that they remind you of and requires some soul work. When you find yourself in situations that keep repeating themselves, like you are on a merry-go-round and can't get off, then you ought to ask your Self 'what am I missing here? Why do encounter this negativity and conflict time after time?'
The more I progress on my own path I know it is vital for me to be in the company of people who are of the same vibration and people of the same mind-set. I do not gravitate towards people who are still lost in the 'real' world, where they cannot see past the illusion of 'life' waiting for someone else to fix their issues, thinking that all they read and see on the news is all that is worth worrying about, that there is nothing they can do to change their life, or the situation they find themselves in. It is of course ALL up to them, the power lies within their own heart, and it is their decision to either change or to continue to live a life of misery, lack or loneliness. We are all an aspect of the Divine, God, the Universe (which ever terms sits well with you) therefore we are only hurting another aspect of our Self by treating others in a nasty or negative way, you do not have to verbally abuse someone or ignore them in order to make some sort of point, it is far wiser to simply be polite and to socialize with others more on your wavelength. If you find that you are continually drawing conflict to your self what is it that you may require to change? Perhaps standing in your own power and speaking your truth may see these situations ending, any words spoken with love and from the heart cannot harm another. Other people cannot make you feel powerless and inferior, you do that yourself by not standing in your truth.
At the end of the day we are All One, all connected by the Light and Love of this amazing Universe which pulsates through us all every second of our life bringing with it peace, harmony and love it only we allow this to be so...........................

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