Friday, June 27, 2008

Did I Cope?

Did I cope with leaving Blossom for just under a month?
I was so glad to get home and see her, I know I had left her in capable hands however, I did fret, constantly! I will not forget the night I left, she knew that something was amiss, the big case, the tension that hung heavy in the air, and me cuddling her every few minutes, crying and telling her I loved her gave her much to think about. The worst moment was when I left her sitting on my bed with a grumpy face at 3am, not knowing what was going on, she looked frail and old. Still she had survived worse I know that, when I found her near death nearly 3 years ago no one thought that she would live the day let alone another few years, I clung to that thought the entire time I was away, she has survived worse, she will be okay.
The moment I walked in (again in the wee small hours of the morning,) I called her name to gently rouse her from her sleep, she jumped up and cried softly in return, she was happy her mum was home. She has been like my shadow ever since, if she wakes and can not see me during the day she is off in search promptly, just making sure I am still here. At night she sits next to my head purring and rubbing her face gently on mine, or snuggles next to me with my hand wedged under her chin, just in case I plan another midnight exit, bless her.
I might not get much sleep in the first few weeks but it is worth it, the love that we share is pure and unconditional, that feeling is unexplainable and for opportunity to share this depth of emotion with this divine little cat I feel extremely blessed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Amazing Moment

It was a dream come true, being in the presence of six 18 month old lions, and being able to touch them! I was overcome with excitement, especially when I realised that these lions were loved and treated with tender affection. They are not kept in cramped and dirty conditions, they have a large field to roam complete with trees for climbing and a large pond to play in. I think the smile on my face says it all, it was a 'heaven' moment! Although I can tell you it takes a great deal of will power not to wrap your arms around their necks and give them a gigantic hug.
They were just like my lovely Blossom, only slightly bigger!!!
They were as regal in the flesh as I had hoped they would be, and quite serene, it was really one of the most incredible moments of my life, utterly astounding.

The feelings I felt when I landed in England after three years absence were in a word profound, so much so that I was prompted to write as best I could the feelings that were surging around my being. Read on....................
I feel happy, content, cocooned in an aura of love, my heart is blissfully at peace, free from the stress of living in a land of harsh reality. I feel this country oozing into my pores, seeping into my skin, engulfing my complete being, merging together in every minute cell of my body, swimming through my veins, warming me with a love so intensive I wish to lay here forever, never moving, remaining in this euphoria, in gods cradling arms, being caressed by the perfection of his creation, his compassion and powerful love.
This is where I belong, this is where I feel the deepest connections to my-Self, it is where I feel my Soul sense its home, its contentment with being on this planet, Now. It is not just being with the people that I love and miss, the joy of the reunions themselves were passionate and deeply emotional, too personal to share here. The love and the warmth that is consuming me within and bestowing a depth of love that I am unable to explain is due to the fact that I am of course where I wish to be, at peace within my Soul, surrounded by the gentle beauty and the greenness of this ancient and noble land. I feel for the first time in three years relieved of tension and stress, that all my deep satisfying breaths are releasing the anxiety that has encased my Soul for too long, I understand that returning is vital for my well being, or if you will, my being well! To linger in Australia will in fact bring much sadness and continuing torment to my Soul, to return here is my earthly purpose now. I see that the physical and emotional repercussions of prolonging my stay will erode my Soul, darken my happiness and snuff my inner light. The lessons in Australia have been conquered, the need to remain is no longer relevant, the quest has been fulfilled. I have no regrets, and I know that it was to have been part of my story, the next chapter is now being written.
My connection here in England is absolute, it has awoken my slumbering Soul, it has carefully aroused my darkened senses and gently surrounded me in tentacles of loving vibrations that soothe and penetrate my sad and weary body. Although physically tired, spiritually I am alive, revived, awaken at last from a Self inflicted slumber that has caused the whithering of my Soul, my destiny beckons me, calling me home to the land that is comforting and soothing, where I know I intrinsically belong.
The time has come to return, to see past the false ties that bind me so far away, to work towards the return and live my remaining earthly years in the land that is my Soul's home....