Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holiday Time

I will be on holiday until the 25 of June, enjoying my hearts homeland. No doubt I will have much to share on my return, so I trust you will be here to join me ............................................

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This morning as I lay in bed listening to the rain falling on the roof, stroking my beloved cat I smiled to myself as I watched her Light pulsating from her divine little body, the Light was radiating its love towards mine, and mine towards her, we as always were connecting on more than one level.

I have seen the true nature of this so called dense material world for many years now, I often sit in my stillness watching the miracle of my own body as the rainbow orbs of Light dance together giving me the illusion of a solid body, I watch as the Light merges with all that I touch, those who I meet. This world of energy really is a magical place to be sure.

And in the quiet of my morning I am blessed to share a precious moment of unconditional love with a special little cat.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Will I Cope?

How will I cope being away from Blossom? As my holiday draws nearer I am getting more concerned about leaving her, being the old and finicky little granny cat that she is is causing me many moments of concern, I know no one looks after her like me, she does not speak to their soul in the way she does with me, I hear her internal whispers without her having to voice her desires, we have a deep heart connection that transcends the different bodies we inhabit. I know that my La La's will look after her, they will ensure that the humans left as her carers will have the divine assistance they require, even if they do not know it, and me? Well although I am looking forward to my holiday, I know that part of me will remain with my treasured little cat and will be overjoyed when I once again am with her.

I am surround by the gifts of the Universe, the miracle of life shines around me, sitting in my garden surrounded by the glory of nature I feel connected to Source in a deeply satisfying way, I know that these amazing living works of art are god's gift to us all that we need not venture far to find nirvana, it is ever present everywhere.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


When was the last time you saw a bird or an animal with a inferiority complex? When was the last time you noticed a bird or an animal becoming paranoid about their body image? These divine creatures know that they are perfect, exactly how they are, even when I have seen a seagull that has been injured and as a result lost a foot, this gull does not think that he is 'different', although we as humans do, we see him as 'imperfect' a gimp worthy of pity. I am certain that you may have seen a one legged dog or cat during your life, again they are able to maintain a healthy and happy life, they adapt to their condition and get on with things, they do not wallow in self pity stressing about the fact that they are less than perfect. I blame the media with all the beauty magazines that are designed to promote low self esteem in 'normal' women, in these glossy pages you see the beautiful people the celebrities as we like to call them in photos that give us the illusion of their so called perfection, their cellulite free thighs, their wrinkle free faces, their lean bodies...................... Of course these famous people have the lowest self esteem of all, why else would they have the need to be forever youthful, afraid of becoming less than perfect. Of course you have to remember that these people have a lot of money to spend on personal trainers, plastic surgeons, bribes to pay for airbrushing on photographs, and of course fake hair, suntans and nails, there is in actual fact nothing naturally beautiful about these people, they are merely shells of their former self. We as a race destroy ourselves because of the needless pressure we give our self in the constant search to be perfect, to live up to the images as we have thrust in our faces daily, what we have failed to realise is we are perfect! God made us all perfect, we are each a aspect of the divine so therefore is god thinks that we are perfect who are we to think otherwise? When we are comfortable in the knowledge that we are an aspect of the divine we find that we our insecurities and weight to fall away, we know that we need not hide from our self, that the lessons we have been given in this life are not burdens to carry throughout our life to create havoc with our self image, they are simply lessons that we have requested to transcend to the next level of ascension. And once we have achieved this belief we to may walk the earth with the confidence of our animal sisters and brothers knowing that we are beautiful and worthy in every sense.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Crows............

Enjoying a drink of fresh water from Blackie's bowl seeing that these two have made a mess of the bird bath with their daily offerings of stale bread!
Then off to enjoy the left over cat biscuits that Blackie leaves (he will not eat out of bowl which is why they are on the floor!)
They really enjoy these snacks and if they are not there I get a right telling off bless their wonderful hearts.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day of Clouds...........

A drive through the city provided me a ever changing selection of cloud formations............

Each of them a work of art!
The setting of the Sun is always a magical time for me, a time where I feel a closeness to those who are far away from me in the 'spirit' realm, knowing that although they are with me throughout my day, somehow I feel this connection more during the rising and setting of the Sun
Like this lone seagull I too like be alone, taking the time to connect within my heart centre, to feel the love as it pulsates from the setting Solar Orb filling my soul with gratitude and knowledge that I am more than this mere shell of a body I am currently wearing.
Moments of quiet meditation are vital for me, as it is for all life forms upon this planet, those of the animal kingdom are not watched often enough by the majority of humans who are still sleepwalking their way through life, yet these simple and unique creatures are far more 'in tune' than the average human still caught up in the false promise of life in the modern societies, these gentle simple creatures do take time to watch the magic of the Universe.
This wondrous world of ours is made up of Light, of energy, this energy pulsates and it is connected to all LIFE, it is our life force, without it there would be no life. By allowing yourself moments of solitude and peace, times of quiet contemplation you will begin to transform your reality, taking in the miracle of Life that surrounds you, perhaps then you may share with me the special moments that caress your soul and enlighten your mind, knowing that by simply being at one with a lone seagull is truly a momentous occasion.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Best Day EVER...........

A few day's ago I enjoyed a blissful couple of hours in the company of these delightful baby pigs, the little one at the front, George was a hoot, he had so much personality packed into his tiny body that I spent the entire time laughing at his antics.
He took a liking to my fingers, hands, shoes, leg and my companions handbag (all the way from New York mind you!) At one stage George and Mildred emptied out the contents of the handbag as they pushed it about their enclosure.
Sharing their temporary home were two adorable lambs, I was equally besotted with them, at one stage I had one snugging on my lap as I watched the pigs creating havoc at my feet.
If you ever have a day where you are feeling depressed (not that I was) I can recommend finding yourself a local cuddly animal farm in your area and going there for a visit, judging by the way we laughed our way through two hours it would be the best medicine you could give your soul, in fact we could do away with medication and therapists completely if this baby animal therapy could catch on...............

One True Word

One true word will beat a pack of lies every single time, yet increasingly I am encountering people who are afraid to stand in their power and confront a person/s who is speaking untruthfully about them. The old saying "sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me" is true, no matter what someone says about you, they can not cause you any harm, especially when you stand in the light of truth, when you are living from the heart. Some may argue and say that damaging words can harm your reputation, that people hearing these false accounts of your character will form their opinion of you from this, however those that truly know you will already know that these words are tainted with lies and allow them to flow over their head, perhaps a good friend will challenge the speaker, defending your honour, and of the person that hears this damning report of your character before meeting you, rest assured that they will see the truth once they have the privilege of meeting you, they will be able to see that what was spoken does not befit the person who now stands before them. Many people who are insecure about themselves use their tongues as weapons against those who they feel are better than them, have more than them, or perhaps are 'luckier' than them in a desperate attempt to alleviate some of the insecurities and pain that they harbour deep inside of themselves, for many it is far easier to attack another than it is to deal with ones Self. Perhaps also this is a reminder to you that maybe there is a little bit of soul work to be done, have you been speaking unkindly of another? remember the world is made up of energy, what you say and think you create in your life, perhaps you are being given a gentle reminder to be mindful of what you think of and speak of? Nothing happens to us by chance, even though we like to think that, we are the product of our souls chosen life lessons as well as the result of our thinking and of course our speaking. Thoughts are things, they do create your reality..........................