Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who Would I Hurt?

The answer of course is no one, unless of course you were about to hurt her or her baby, she would then do her best to defend their lives, just like you or I would, otherwise kangaroo's will simply just enjoy their life. Yet these beautiful and gentle creatures are murdered in their thousands, for fun, for souvenirs and of course for food.
A 'fun' Australian past time is roo (kangaroo) shooting, this consists of a group of people going out with the sole intention of having 'fun' shooting innocent kangaroos for the sheer amusement of it. Most do not want to eat them, they just get an incredible rush from murdering these benevolent animals in cold blood. Often the animals are not killed outright, they are wounded and left to die in agonizing pain as the group of mindless humans going searching for their next target. There are of course the joey's to consider, snuggled inside their mothers pouch, if their mother is shot and the pouch not checked then they too will die. In a strange twist of conscious often these shooters will take the orphaned joey home, if a sick attempt to 'save' its life as it's mother lies bleeding to death. What sort of life is that? Consider your feelings if you witness your mother shot down in front of you in cold blood, the shock, the emotional pain and the anguish, simply unbearable.

There is also the tourist trade to consider here too, thousands upon thousands of kangaroos' are slaughtered so that visitors have the opportunity to take home a purse, bag, toy, or whole skin of a kangaroo as a memento of their visit, this is of course after they have walked around a wild life park snapping photos and cooing over these exquisite animals. Sick? I think so.

Then of course you see the many corpses that lie lifeless along the side of the road hit as they go searching for food as their natural habitat disappears at a devastating pace daily. Again many of these animals are not dead, the motorist is usually not in least bit concerned with the blameless kangaroo, they are more concerned about their precious car.

Do they consider assisting the dying kangaroo?


Do they consider the trauma their family has to go through having seen there relative struck down?


They just swear and curse at the damage to their precious automobile, thinking of the inconvenience of having to get it fixed, that they are late for work, not a thought goes out normally for the dying kangaroo at the side of the road.

These elegant and mild animals are off course not singled out in the barbaric treatment that they contend with, however when I see the blatant disregard to the rights of these animals I feel enraged, tormented by the knowledge that another feeling loving animal (and if you have forgotten we ARE animals too) has to suffer so much terror and torture. Some say that there are far too many kangaroo's here in Australia that they need to be culled.................. don't get me started on that one, as the same could be said for the human animal as it too is breeding out of control demolishing everything and everyone in its way in search of the 'perfect lifestyle.'

Again I say we ALL have the right to life, whether our skin is fur or feathers we ALL have a right to live in peace and in harmony, this right is not just reserved for the human animal.

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