Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If all life is sacred, how is it that most view some lives more sacred than others? All life is apart of me, I am apart of all life, this has been something that I have always felt, and the more I walk my path the deeper this connection becomes. There a many souls waking to their souls purpose and yet still we see our animal companions abused and suffering, many not seeing the presence of the universe pulsating within these precious beings. Yesterday I was given a unique and humbling experience to witness the trust and and the love of a tiny helpless baby mouse. This little treasure is still unable to see or to hear, its eyes and ears are still closed, it is still reliant upon hourly feeds of milk to ensure it's survival, being rescued from a stable by a friend of mine from certain death, this little mouse is unaware of how blessed he is, had someone else happened upon him at that exact moment in time instead of my friend then there would not have been a happy ending to this story. I was asked to watch him yesterday and what an honor that was, I felt like I was holding the universe within the palm of my hand, a tiny little field mouse who has only one thing on his mind................... milk!
He is perfection, and so adorable, he trusts the hands that pick him up to nurture him. I was overcome with an incredible love as I fed this little mouse, as he snuggled down after feeding I sat and watched him breathing, feeling my heart beating was soothing to him, he felt safe, he was warm and I was in love. He has no idea how incredible his journey is thus far in his very short mouse life, he does no know that most of humanity still views animals as a commodity, that many would have hit him with a spade, or worse thrown him to a dog or cat to eat. I know that we are given many wonderful moments in our days, all adding to the enrichment of our soul, each unraveling our purpose a little more, bringing us closer to our real self, if we are listening that is. Yesterday I was aware of the connection between me and this divine little mouse, and I am honored to have been given this moment to feel the intensity of love in its purest form, unconditional love. To see that nothing separated me from this mouse except the shape of the body that we currently inhabit, it was an incredible and breathtaking experience that has touched my heart and moved my soul.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Break over......................... I shall be sharing my world with you again................................watch this space!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Solar Moon

"I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken." Ram Dass
And another month begins, the Solar Moon brings with it the energies of Intention, Realization and Pulsation.The Solar Month is the ninth month in my year bringing with it the intention to awaken to the Universal Mind, to see through the illusions that surround us, to remember that the entire Universe pulsates to the same intrinsic rhythm, the rhythm that creates all we know as reality, as our bodies, as our world. By awakening to the illusion that surrounds you, to remember that the energy of the Universe is in all that surrounds you, that with your intention you create your reality, your mind sends out the intent for the thoughts that you have to manifest your life story. We are telepathic beings who have been slumbering, unaware that we have been creating our life story all along, once we see through the illusion we are able to use our intent to assist in our ascension and to also assist the ascension of the planet and those who share our journey.
As the Ancients say "Whatever you put your attention on grows stronger in your life."
What is your attention on? Is it time to realise that with intent you have the power to manifest into your reality clarity, joy, happiness and love....................

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Unhappiness has at times taught me far more than love, it has shown me the way to a deeper part of my Self, to venture into the compartments that require to be open once a challenge had been worked through. Through our pain we have the opportunity to open our hearts and our love to see the beauty in the lesson we have been given, thus leading us forward in love if only we allow it to be..........

Know that love heals all and love is always present, even when we are unable to see it...........
Today I had one of my rare visits to the city which as usual was an interesting adventure, and as always I came away glad that I am not one of the nine to fivers, it was lunchtime and what struck me the most was what was happening during this lunch hour, most people were walking around with a phone glued to their ear whilst attempting to eat their lunch and talk at the same time. No one appeared to be relaxed, and certainly no one was eating their lunch at a unhurried pace, they were chewing frantically between sentences and waiting for the next opportunity to gobble down some more. The people who were lunching in groups were equally as stressed, talking and eating at the same time whilst scanning the passing foot traffic I guess in case anyone of interest walked past. I wondered as I ambled along whether any of these people ever took the time to sit in a park to eat their lunch in silence god forbid and in peace. Do they yearn for still time? Could they actually sit still? Would they be able to be without their phone for an hour? Do we really require a phone with us twenty four hours a day? All these questions were whizzing around my head as I walked on searching for my destination, I know my own mobile phone lives somewhere in the bottom of my bag, and is often lost, when I remember that I ought to take it with me when I go out I have to ring it to find out where it is that I last had it. However I digress, stillness or lack of it was what I witnessed today, many people are blissfully unaware to the benefit of still time, how even as little as half an hour would recharge and enliven them, creating new energy to surge around their body thus giving them renewed vitality for the rest of their working day. Many people I speak to say that they do not have the time to be still, that they are too busy to fit in a walk, or a quiet period for reflection throughout their day, yet you can achieved stillness anywhere, perhaps turning off the radio on the drive home from work, watering the garden, cooking, hanging out the washing, simple daily chores can also be wonderful opportunities for centering ones self and returning to the stillness within. Stillness heals so much, costs nothing and answers many questions, yet many are still oblivious to its benefits. With the Light raising its vibrations upon our beautiful planet I trust that more people will awaken to their power within, and by doing so scenes such as I encountered today will become less frequent.......

Monday, March 03, 2008

You Need Hands To Build A Community

You need hands to build a community as this unique chair below states.
And to heal this world you require many loving hearts and many Souls dedicated to upholding the Light........................................................

All we need is LOVE.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nasty Blogger

To all my family and friends who regularly read my page this post referrers to the not-so-nice person who has posted a comment on my post about tolerance.......................interesting enough! Do not open the comment to read what they say and if you do do not click on where it says HERE, as it will appear that you have a virus in your computer, however it is a very devious way of getting you to buy a program to get rid of the imaginary virus. Also the comment below that one is the clever ploy to get you to BUY, BUY, BUY................so if you don't get the normal warning about having unsecure items on the page before you see the posts DO NOT OPEN or click on ANY of the comments. Blogger administration have been notified and I trust will deal with thee sleeping souls in due course, bless their hearts, I am glad I am not on their side of the karma hand-outs!!!!