Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bonny Blossoms

My new garden is coming along blooming lovely, if you recall I said that the pink bottle brush was about to flower........................well there it is above in all its flowering glory........
The pink hibiscus is doing equally well as are the sunroses creeping along below..................
The frangipani tree adds not only vibrant blooms, but also an exotic fragrance that fills the air giving the garden a luxuriant feel..................


Whenever I look at Blossom I see the perfection of the Universe right in front of me, from the day that we found each other two years ago until this present moment I have not taken a second with her for granted, I adore her.
The simple things in life are far more important than the material possessions, status and money that many Souls chase. The love of a cat, the sound of the wind, the sight of sunflower, being caught in the rain, listening to birds singing, seeing the waves crashing on the shore, all of these things are far more sacred and valuable than all the money in the world. The Universe provides us with riches aplenty, they surround us in every waking moment all you have to do is open your eyes and look..........
Many people comment on my apparent obsession with Blossom, they can not see that I view her as one of my family, just because she has fur instead of skin does not mean a thing to me. She is as precious as the rest of my human family and friends, she loves me unconditionally and I do her, it is as simple as that.
For those that can not open their hearts to the tenderness and devotion of an animal companion I know that they have missed out on having an opportunity to experience absolute and pure love.................

Why am I waiting????
Bless Blackie's divine little heart as he waits for me to go out and feed him his treats this morning. I have now progressed with him a little more, I am now allowed to pick him up, only briefly mind you, even so it is another step forward...................... what a difference a year makes.
I am thankful for the Universe for sending me another cat in need of love and affection, even Blossom is becoming more friendly towards his morning visits, which is a massive step forward for her, I feel she knows that Blackie is like she once was, homeless and craving for some love and safety....

The Enchantment of Morning

I adore watching the world wake, being fully present in the moments that see another day dawning, hearing the birds rising to begin their new day, seeing the golden early morning sunshine slowly transforming the night to day. The silence of the dawn is a bewitching hour, for me one that is often taken for granted by those who fail to see the enchanting world that surrounds them, sleepwalking their way through life oblivious to the miracles that encircle them.
I allow myself the honour of witnessing the pleasure of the things that society would have us miss, by being programed to believe that we do not possess the time for such trivial matters as enjoying the dawning of a new day. We each hold the ability to rewrite our life chapters at any given moment, to take back control of our own life, to become more in tune with our Self and the world which surrounds us, it is only us who personally gives credence to the belief that we do not have the time for such 'trivial' things as watching the sun rise, that there is never enough hours in a day.

There is always plenty of time, when you realise that there are far more important things than rushing through your day chasing the dollar, making that 'important' meeting, wishing your life away on an event still yet to is then that life reclaims its enchantment.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Change your life
Change your heart
Change your diet

No more killing the worlds precious animals..................

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Last Night

All prepared and waiting for a night of great company..........................................
Delicious food..................................(Crusty oven baked field mushrooms served with pumpkin and avocado salad and spicy salsa)
Followed by music, dancing, singing and stimulating conversation...................................

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The sky was positively astonishing today, I am always captivated by the sky, yet today for some reason it was more vibrant than normal, maybe it was because I feel exceptionally joyous today......................
I am eagerly waiting to see what this flower (?) is going to turn into, I have not seen such a fascinating bud on a native plant before. Interesting, very interesting..................................

A thought to contemplate; Who would you rather be? A prisoner who is a free man, or a free man who is a prisoner?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As often as you can every day take time to pause for a few moments to centre yourself to the stillness within. Allow these precious moments to penetrate your entire being allowing any stress or negativity to flow from your body and your mind returning your spirit to a state of bliss. It takes but a moment reconnect with the Universe and feel the Oneness that surrounds you.

Have You Seen God Today?

Have you seen God/All That Is, The Universe today? Of course you have....................................
The energy of our divine creator surrounds you, IS you, if you have looked into a mirror you have seen god. If you have walked in nature, you have seen god. God is in the cup that you hold, the clothes that you wear, the house that you live in, the road that you walk upon, that stone in your shoe, God is apart of All things, animate or inanimate, if it were not for the divine it would not exist!
Many people feel that god lets them down, he is never with them when they ask for help and that they do not get an answer (or so they may think) no angels appearing in a flash of heavenly light, no roars of thunder as god appears in a flaming chariot drawn by unicorns. God is far more imaginative than that, he is with you every second of every day you walk your journey upon earth. He knows when you are sad or desperately lonely, and he is there beside you with a gathering of those in the realm of spirit who hold you close in their hearts, they remain unseen by your human eyes, however that does not mean that they are not there. We may not always receive the answers we seek in the way that we desire, however that does not mean that we do not get them. For instance I once asked god to give me a sign that he was with me as I climbed The Cheviot in Northumberland, I waited all day long as I became more weary with each step I wondered what will I see (apart form the immense beauty that surrounded me of course.) When I sat down on some rocks to eat my lunch I was given the gift, a tiny little stoat like animal was right in front of my feet, looking at me and its own dinner a dead mouse (bless its heart,) I was sat near the entrance to its home, and it would have to pass my foot to enter with its food. I did not move, I felt honoured that such a tiny being was this close to me, and showed no sign of fear, instead after careful consideration the little one decided that it was okay I would not harm him. What a treasured moment this was, to know that this precious tiny animal who by rights should have avoid me, was there so close not afraid that I would harm it, I knew that that was the sign I had requested, god was present within me and the stoat therefore I received the mystical moment.

Next time you ask for god to be present, or you are shouting at him for letting you down, know that he is there, surrounding you and within you bestowing his love upon you. The struggles we give ourselves are for our own growth, it is the realm of free will, therefore how can our god interject when we asked for all we endure, we receive exactly what we have asked for, even if we don't like what we get............

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The path to enlightenment is as individual as we are ourselves, it starts in different ways and at varying stages of a persons life, and some do not seek this path at all, which ever category you fall into is perfect, there is no right and wrong way. With all the religions and cults that claim to carry the truth it is a challenge indeed for the true seeker to find the road that best suits them, although as your evolve you will find that what once resonated deep within your Soul, will suddenly not sit right as you have raised your vibration and thus your journey will continue in a new direction, until you reach the point where you know that the truth you seek is deep inside you, inside all of us, and then your search is over, you seek no more teachers or gurus, you know that quite time will produce all the answers you seek. You will find more like-minded Souls entering your life, your energy calling them to you as you walk your earthly story. Nothing on your journey happens by chance, a coincidence is simply an indication that you are making headway, you are working with the Light within, on the right track. I know a lot of people would argue and say that bad things happen to good people, and of course visa versa, but these people fail to realise that each individual holds the pen that writes their own life journey. It is difficult for people to accept, unless they are ready of course, that we plan our lives here with great precision, that with every thought you think, every word you utter, every conversation you have, you continually mould your world. By becoming an active participant in your life and becoming consciously aware of the divine power within you and in the power of your words you can turn your life around and move closer to the enlightenment you thus seek.

'Don't cling to things, because everything is impermanent.' Buddhist quote

Monday, January 21, 2008

Energy Therapy

I went to have a session of energy healing the other day and am still tingling on the inside, it is the most relaxing way to spend an hour, lying in this modern tee pee whilst you have gongs, and didgeridoo's played over and around your is in fact pretty much as close to heaven on earth as one can get. The tee pee is surround by a huge pond that has masses of water lilies floating on top and the most amazingly tranquil gardens I have been to in a long long time.

The gardens are extremely vibrant I feel that the energy from the music stimulates the plants, they appear to glow with a energy unlike most public gardens, the plants are aware of who passes them and what is happening around them, which is fabulous to witness, as normally to experience vegetation such as this you usually need to go to find isolated forests or woods, a very uplifting experience indeed.


Assist me to heal the world by practicing Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) each and every day every one of us can take an active part in changing the world.

Make it your moto!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Finally captured on camera this morning, the elusive Blackie.......................
Bless his divine little heart, it has taken me a year or so to get close enough to touch him and of course make the MASSIVE step forward of hand feeding, when tonight a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) scared him away! I was not impressed! No wonder humans are so terrifying for him..................

Blossom deals with his presence well ( and those that know me well know that Blossom is the centre of my Universe and NO cat shall come between us) she knows that her mum is spreading her love to another Soul that the Universe has directed to me in desperate requirement of someone to love it............. another precious cat who has been neglected and abused by those who ought to have loved it........

I look forward to many more moments of bonding with a very frightened little cat who is terrified of humans.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a glorious start I have had to my day, first Blackie (the stray cat that comes to visit) finally allowing me not only to touch him/her but also to feed out of my hand, this has taken a lot of love on my part and obvious trust on his. Bless his divine little heart, he is so timid and wary of the human, I would sit by him on his morning visit (which is if he is coming is always around 5 am) just out of reach while he ate his treats, over the course of the year we have got closer and closer until today when he decided that I am honoured to touch him. Then on my way back from swimming I saw the most angelic black baby rabbit hippity hopping along the side of the road, (and I ask the Universe to keep it safe from cars!) being brave and venturing away from the safety of its family just long enough for me see it. An outstanding beginning to another glorious day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How we perceive beauty is uniquely personal to each and every one of us, my perception of beauty is incomparable to anyone else, no one is right, no one is wrong, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty to me is everywhere I look in the natural world, the oceans, rivers, mountains, animals, birds, trees, the sky, clouds, stars, and plants I see the miracle of life surrounding me in every molecule that creates our glorious planet. Of late I have had been included in conversations with people who are awestruck by houses, how amazing the new display homes are that have just been open for viewing, suggesting that I must go and have a look. I however can not get excited about such things, a house whether it is a mansion or a simple home is not beautiful as such, they are all made of the same sorts of materials, glass, wood, bricks, and mortar, it is still something that is man made, the energy that makes a beautiful home however has nothing to do with the amount of money it cost to build the house, nor has it anything to do with the furniture that fills it, it is the vibration that pulsates throughout the home that will give a house its beauty. I know many people who would look at the photograph above and see nothing astounding or infinitely beautiful at all with this magnificent coastal masterpiece, it is simply another beach.

Being able to view the world as an innocent every single day of my life is one of the greatest gifts that I possess, and I am forever giving thanks to the Universe for bestowing this trait within me, I see the world with the eyes of a child, I notice the light as it catches a leaf making it appear instantly translucent, I marvel at the way a dragonfly hovers over the water, the dew as it sits upon the grass glistening as the Sun rises. I feel that if we all learnt to reconnect with the beauty and the magic of the Universe we would return to being more feeling and loving towards each other, and of course we would also shift our awareness to the natural world that surrounds us, which would begin to heal the devastation that man has placed upon our planet.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

From simmering un-appetisingly on the hob, the potatoes, cabbage and Spanish onion were transformed to this scrumptious dinner..............................
Potato, cabbage, garlic and shallot patties with Spanish onion chutney, absolutely delicious even if I do say so myself!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Whatever happened to children playing tennis outside?? Perhaps it shows how out of touch I am with the 'real' world, a fact I am mighty proud of too I hasten to add! I had the opportunity today to witness three primary age children fighting over who was going to be playing tennis with their TV, call me old fashion but why anyone would wish to encourage their children to play an outside game indoors? This is really quiet beyond me. It was bad enough when it was only the TV you had to contend with to get children to go outside and get some fresh air, now it is computers and interactive TV games as well. As an adult have you ever wondered how may hours a week you sit there glued to an ugly box in the corner of your room sitting there like a lump waiting for it to stimulate and entertain you? How many hours of your life have you wasted just sitting there? We don't watch TV, which many people find astounding, 'what do you do then' is the common response, Mmmmmm talk to each other, read, garden, go for walk, visit friends, yoga, meditate, write a letter, phone a friend, cuddle my cat, do housework, go for a swim, take up a hobby, study, the list is as endless as your imagination, which is my point. What is happening to innocent children's imagination? Can they use their imagination? Do children really know how to play anymore? Are they being encouraged to communicate with their friends and families? Or are they just handed more and more electronic rewards that will take them deeper into the solitude of their own private computer animated worlds? Is it healthy to have a computer game or TV to be your child minder?? As a child I was rarely inside, as were my children, we knew how to play how to have real fun and more importantly how to laugh, run, climb, build things, plant a garden, and even get dirty. The children I see these day's are like plastic, all the same, wearing fashions that are to old for them acting years older than they are all trying to 'fit' in and be one of the crowd. With the more gadgets that come into the shops we are seeing children becoming more and more dependant on things to bring them pleasure in life, a pleasure that will only last until the novelty wears off and the new must have item is up for grabs. Is this really what childhood is really about?

Wherever your path may take you for the rest of your journey here upon Earth walk it in the way of an angel, speak and think in angelic ways assisting the ascension of the planet and of humanity as be head towards the Aquarian Age, The Age of Light. By simply knowing that you are a radiant dazzling star that pulsates pure love energy is enough, to know that all who walk this Earth are connected to you, even those lost to the illusion of the third dimension or those who have chosen violent or cruel lessons. This is the planet of free will, it is through your will that you manifest your reality, your struggles, loves, happiness, disasters. Through angelic eyes you will come to understand that all is perfect, and that the support of the higher realms is always surrounding you waiting until you are ready to begin the journey home, to see the god within.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Madame B is feeling so much better that she even did a little jog this afternoon! Bless her heart it was a sight that filled my heart with such happiness especially after all she has endured in the past few weeks.
Every moment I have with her is a precious gift, thank you Universe...................................

Daily Meditation

Brothers and Sisters of all colors, holding hands around the planet, we are one, like the fingers of one hand.
Let us reflect on this, let us meditate and pray in our own way, in our own language, according to our own culture or religion, because we have only one Sun to shine upon us equally, one air that we breathe and give us life, one water that we drink and becomes blood in our veins, and we all live on our one Mother Earth.
She feeds us, she holds us.
Brothers and Sisters of all colors, together united we ask to be guided on the good path, to give us good thinking, strengthen our hearts and our faith, strengthen the conscience of the governors of our communities and of our nations.
Illuminate us, so there can be Life for our children and our children's children.
We are one, like the fingers of one hand.
We are the ones of yesterday.
We are the ones of today.
Thank you Heart of the Heavens.
Thank you Heart of the Earth.

With every new day that passes I direct my energy to the global awakening of those amongst us who remain asleep to who they truly are, that we are One. It is with a growing intensity that I forge forward assisting others in their awakening to the divinity that they are. With the Universe sending many new clients to me for bodywork I feel my Soul is flourishing, knowing that my destiny is being fulfilled, that my Light is assisting the arousing of many who are beginning to feel the surge of inherent knowledge bubbling to the surface of their reality, awaking at last to the dis-harmony that surrounds them, seeing past the illusion of the society that surrounds us, keeping many of us subjugated and mindlessly sleep walking through our lives unhappy and unfulfilled with where we find ourselves. It is always the perfect moment to awaken to the holiness within you, and the perfect time is Now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Beyond speech and mind,
Into the river of ever-effulgent Light,
My heart dives.
Today thousands of doors,
Closed for millenia,
Are opened wide. Samadhi and Siddhi
It is up to you alone when you open the closed compartments of your mind and Soul, allowing you to connect with the Universe reclaiming your divinity as god I am. Those who walk forever asleep to their true power and identity shall never know the glory of experiencing human life.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I was enjoying a moment of solitude this afternoon prior to watering the gardens and noticed that although these gardens have only been planted a few weeks, they appear to be thriving, despite the strong winds that howl through here during summer.
The bamboo in particular around the poolside is visibly growing at a furious pace, I am lulled by the rustling sound the wind makes as it passes though their leaves. By next summer I feel they will have reached the fence top, adding movement and camouflaging the grim brown fence.
The native garden nearer the house has seen two casualties, however now all are doing very well with flowers expected on the guervillia's, banksia and bottle brush's very soon. The bird bath has a few regular visitors and as the flowers begin to open I am excited to see the honey eaters coming to feed.
Nurturing your own special piece of earth is utterly gratifying, the pleasure I receive from watching these plants growing is immense, and I maybe bias, but I think that it is evident that they are loved and spoken to especially when I walk around our surrounding neighborhood and see the other gardens, the energy nowhere as vibrant as my personal oasis. I have been spied on more than one occasion out in the front garden stroking and talking to my precious plants, am I bothered??? No!
This mornings walk took us to a native reserve a short drive from our house. The bird populations are doing exceptionally well here, we were early enough to catch many ducks and cockatoo's still enjoying a leisurely start to their day.
Another family of cockatoos' were having a very loud conversation above as I ambled along the path taking in the vibrancy of this natural haven.
A pair of Australian magpies were wandering long the path in front of us searching for juicy bugs to eat no doubt. Out of all the Australian native birds the magpie is by far the most exquisite singer of them all. Their call is unlike any bird I have ever heard, it is pure joy to listen to.
The lake itself when it finally burst into view is home to thousands of birds ibis, black swans, assorted ducks, and seagulls. These sanctuary's are fast disappearing here so to see such natural splendor with the abundance of bird life present was uplifting. For the survival of all these birds they require a safe place to rest at night, and as suburbia spreads ever closer to places such as this the residents have more than the natural predators to contented with. Domestic cat's that are not kept in at night, cruel humans that find it amusing to catch and torture the birds, and even feeding them something that they know will kill, how that is amusing is quite beyond me, it appears though that this place is keeping its lodgers safe, I trust enough so that they may all live long, free, and happy lives.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bath Day

Looking rather scruffy Blossom was headed straight for the bath...................
Patiently sitting while she went through the shampoo and conditioner routine.......
Sharing a loving moment with her mummy............................................................
Looking for the right place to dry off and reclaim her dignity............................
Found it! The heater her winter time friend.................trouble is it is warm 35 outside today and if we let her out she would immediately role in the sand, requiring her warmth the heater was the only alternative! Bless her fragile little heart!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blossom's Visit

I decided that Blossom could do with a little outing today so I took her to my friends crystal shop for a quick visit this morning. At first she would only go as far as the counter, staring out the front door.

Then she went and explored the kitchen and store room out the back of the shop...............
Finally she found the perfect place to watch the world go by, and what started out as a quick visit turned into a couple of hours. She met a lot of new and very kind friends, although one nearly sat on her head as they did not see her sitting there, I guess you don't expect to find a cat in a gift shop!
In any case Blossom really enjoyed her outing and I feel she was overjoyed when she realised that the car journey wasn't taking her to the vet's again, although next time I will have to remember to park the car in the shade as madame's seat burnt her bottom as it had been parked in the full sun. Silly mummy!!!