Saturday, March 31, 2007


The magic of dawn always astounds me, the quiet and the beauty as the sun rises to bless us with another day, hues of pink and gold touch the sky creating a living canvas of exquisitness which fills my heart with joy and love.

Friday, March 30, 2007

My Wish for Today

As always I ask, how can anyone hurt an animal, how can people be blind to the love they share with their families, just like us. You can feel the love between this mother and baby, see it in their eyes. I give Intent that humanity will finally wake up and see that murdering animals for their fur, meat or habitat is barbaric, it is time to stop the senseless killing, it is now time for all Beings upon this planet to live in peace.

A Message to My Special People

To my special people, who at this present moment in time are a very long way from me, (in Earthly terms) yet even though these miles seperate us, we share a bond that is so strong it keeps us locked into each others hearts, I miss them so much, their physical presence, their hugs and their smiles. Although we speak often it would sometimes be nice to be there with them in the flesh, sharing our moments. I know that this time here in Australia will be at an end before I know it, passing like the seasons silently and swiftly, and then I shall be once again home, sharing my life with those who are closet to my heart. Long walks and cosy fireside chats, feeling as if I was never away from them. They know who they are these special people in my life, the cherished companions who fill my world with love by simply being part of my life.

A Note from The Universe

Question: What do rich folk daydream and visualize about?
Answer: Yeah, Gemel, whatever they want.
Question: And what do poor folk daydream and visualize about?
Answer: Yeah, whatever they want.
You're coming along so quickly, Gemel!

Whether or not more money, honey, is your "thing," Gemel, it works the same no matter who you are: You're free to think about whatever you want... and you'll get it.

The Universe.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


You know you are getting somewhere within your personal journey when you realise that you have been stalling, whether or not you were aware of this is not important, that fact that you are now back in the drivers seat taking firm control of your life is the only important fact to be considered.
I know that when I have these learning periods within my own life, those around me who do not flow their spiritual journey as I do, always take it as a sign of failure on my behalf, not just of myself, but also my beliefs, 'their journey', living my life the way I live makes me my own worst critic, I actually don't require another to pass judgement on me one way or another, and besides, those who pass judgement are only judging themselves! They ought to do their own work instead passing comments upon others.
My journey is individual to me, it is only relevant to me, as I am the only person who shall experience growth at the end of my incarnation, often I have forgotten this rather important fact, and have become involved in what others have thought, thus taking me further away from myself.
I feel that my frustration is in my inability at times to be heard, then I realised (again) that those who wish to hear what I have to share will find me, I was frustrated also with the state of my life work, I know intuitively that what drives me is not from this planet, and because I have attempted to 'fit in' I have become un-balanced in body and spirit. Bless my heart!
Taking my power back and knowing that my knee injury has been a mighty and valued lesson, time to stop and to BE, to begin to find me again, stopping the unnecessary quest for fitting in with 'normal mainstream' humanity, that I shall never be apart of.
My guides are always there, I know that as hard as I am upon myself, they are there loving and supporting me, giving me glimpses of their radiant essence. I know that my work on this plane is important, of great worth to those who will be drawn to me, and this time where my confidence has lapsed was required for me to see my way clear again, to renew my knowing, my destiny.
I had become so lost, alone and isolated on my journey, once again feeling that I required to learn something else, that my abilities were not up to par, I was in fact stopping myself, preventing myself from my ultimate success, it is amazing what time alone can do, as these days of rest are continuing I find that my vision is returning often prompted by words of another, although the final choice is of course mine, it always is.
Whatever I felt was not flowing within my life, I knew it was my choice, and that it was required for my highest growth, that it was manifest into my reality to assist me to see where my blocks were and what I was required to do. I feel that the flow of energy has once again commenced, that I am returning fully to my path, the one I designed before I came to this dimension, without resistance and baggage from others, those who have shown me resistance or judgement of any kind shall be removed from my life to be replaced with those of a like vibration, to insure peace and tranquility within my life.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Note from The Universe

It's kind of like everyone's now in the winner's circle of the Universe, living in time and space upon the crown jewel of all creation, planet earth. And that they earned this right through various and assorted unremembered heroics in another realm of reality.
But now, having forgotten this, instead of rejoicing at the glory of their bounty, indulging in the dance of life, and thriving with dominion over all things, they begin taking notice of who lives in a bigger house, drives a faster car, or has more songs on their ipod. Forgetting, even, that their simple presence in this bastion of order, beauty and perfection is a far greater accomplishment than anything that might subsequently happen upon it.
The Universe

You're a winner, on the cutting edge of reality creation. Beautiful, perfect, and all powerful. I say play more.

Courageous Souls

I do not normally want to tell my family and friends to read a book, however this one is an exception, I want the WORLD to read this book, it is amazing. If you read my post Life, ( 3/11/06) you will see that this is backing up what I said then, after my years of searching and growing as a person I knew intuitively that there was more to this world than we were taught, so much of our power was kept from us in our quest for growth and transition within our spiritual journey. I found this book so inspiring although myself I feel I have broken through the veil that has kept me from knowing why I endured all I did, however I still have a few more bridges to cross before I feel settled in knowing that I have achieved all I set out to do.
I know that forgiveness was the key to so much of what had happened to me, and even though some people have returned home (passed over) I knew that when I said that I forgave them and myself I knew it was heard, I even knew that those who are still alive yet estranged from me, they too heard my words of compassion and forgiveness, it was not necessary to tell them in person, they hear it in the heart.
I feel that this book is a gift to all of us, and it can allow all of us to see that there is no tragedy, it is all as it was designed to be, agreed by us and our fellow travellers for our growth, that we are all one, connected by invisible threads that pulse through us and connect in our hearts. We are only here for a moment in time, a brief encounter with this physical realm to learn and to grow, to experience this physical realm and all the negative emotions that come with it, to learn compassion and to know that love is all there is, in every situation you find yourself in there is only love, when I personally look back to my childhood, to my birth and wonder why did my mother not want me, why did my adoptive parents abuse me, I now know, for my spiritual growth, I understand that I wanted this experience, even though I still wish to know why, I understand that it was all done out of love, and that makes all the difference.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today has been a really enjoyable day, I have felt renewed and invigorated somehow, I think that it may have something to do with the dreams that I had last night, whatever it was, it was well worth it.
As I was driving along today it was like I was seeing things for the first time, even though I was travelling roads that I frequently use, they were fresh and new, as if I was seeing them for the first time, in any case, I feel the light around me, and I see it differently than before, it is even more mysterious and magical, more alive and enchanting. To add to my wonderment today as I was driving home I saw what looked like a star, zoom up from the ground in front of me and disappear into the sky, no it was not a plane, nor had I been drinking, I know what I saw was the same mysterious craft that I watched the other night as sat by the pool, to see it at night is one thing, but to see it in the day time is quite another.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Courageous Souls

Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge that we plan in advance all we wish to learn whilst on this planet, sometimes the challenges appear never-ending, and their gift unclear. I intend for stillness and clarity to reenter my life, to allow the unfolding of my destiny as it was preordained, to allow me to see what it is I am missing, why do I feel I am going around in circles. My soul is stopped, waiting, confused and uncertain, which path is right, so much advice, so many forks in the road, so many choices, which one is right? I give intent to ask my soul for the courage to continue on this path to Oneness, for guidance and support from those who oversee my life.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ancient Wisdom

Over the past few years I have started my day with the two ancient Egyptian prayers below, I said earlier I have always had a fascination for the Sun, and that even as I child I would hold silent daily rituals in honouring this mighty orb, I was delighted when I stumbled across these ancient Egyptian prayers whilst reading an old book about initiation into the Great Pyramid, and have used it ever since. These somehow connect me to a part of me that is this ancient wisdom of ages that have long since vanished, yet within me they live, they are still alive. Although I find myself here, in this current time on Earth, I have never felt that I belonged here, the physical body seems wrong, the planet seems wrong, I feel I belong up above the clouds far from here, and the more I learn about the ancient ways the more this opinion feels right. History is full of lies and untruths, designed to keep humanity locked in a feeling of powerlessness, to keep them prisoners to the rubbish they are fed through religion, media and politics, if only more would question their inner power, question what they are told, they to would find that the ancient cultures knew the answers, and that with their dedication to ritual and inner personal time, they found the answers, the way.

My Morning Affirmation (2)

I AM yesterday, today and tomorrow,
I AM she who was before time began,
I AM the Dawn,
the light of the second birth,
the mystery of the Soul,
Maker of the Gods by whom are fed,
And hidden ones of Heaven,
Isis is she who opens for me the secret places of those Mighty Names of Thine,
Thy name is Everlasting,
The Dawn
The Day
The Evening
The Night
The Darkness
Thy name is the Moon
The Heart of Silence
The Lord of the unseen world,
Amen, oh Amen,
Ra is thy name,
Sun of Righteousness,
Lord of the worlds enthroned in Earth
Lord of Truth,
Father of the Gods,
Creator of Man
Maker of Beasts
Lord of Existence,
Enlightener of Earth,
Sovereigh of Life
I worship thy Spirit who made me,
Draw now aside my mystic veil,
That I may go forth into the Light of,
Thy Great Day.

My Morning Affirmation (1)

All Gods are three
Amun, Ra, Ptah, incomparable
His name is hidden as Amun,
He is Ra in sight,
His physical body Ptah.
Mighty Spirit of Light that shines through the cosmos,
Draw thy Flame closer to thee,
Lift up my Fire from out of the darkness,
Magnet of Fire that is One with All,
Lift up my Soul,
Thou mighty and potent,
I AM a child of the Light,
Turn not me away in the power to melt in thy Furnace,
One with All things,
All things in One,
Fire of the Life strain,
And One with the brain.

Wedge Tail Eagle

This wonderful little fellow was just circling over our back garden, I know that this photo does not do him justice, (I AM going to get a new battery for my SLR) I wanted to add him here just the same, watching him up there gliding along on a thermal was uplifting. Bless his heart, I would image he was a wedge tail eagle, they are found in these parts, encouraging to see that there are still some here despite all the destruction of their natural habitat.


I love the stillness of the morning, the silence that is so refreshing and balancing to my soul, I love to sit and watch the darkness as dawn slowly approaches listening to the waking birds as they sing to greet the new day, seeing the stars fade one by one, invisibly shining above us we go about our daily business, often so caught up in our routines that we fail to notice the miracles that surround us constantly. Without hesitation I would have to say that my favourite time of day is dawn, closely followed by the setting of the sun, I feel that my deep intrinsic connection to Egyptian and Mayan cultures is of lives lived long ago, of the ritual and ceremony that was part of my day and my life then and still is. With each passing day I feel myself awakening to my yesterdays, of a knowledge that was suppressed while I searched my soul for the meaning of this life of mine, here in a time that makes little sense to me, with all focus on the outward accumulation of material possessions and no time left to know the self, of knowing that there is more to life than what we are told, that the personal quest is the greatest quest of all. The total fulfillment of the soul, and remembering exactly why we are here, in this body in this NOW is what life is all about, of waking to the knowledge that we a far more than what we are told we are, we are all magnificent, each and every one of us, regardless of race or 'status', we are all ONE.

Magic Moments

The night before last as I lay with my legs dangling in the pool gazing up at the starry sky I watched as a star (craft) moved across the sky. No, it wasn't a plane, or a satellite, it was what looked like a star, yet of course it wasn't. My connection to the sky has always been strong, I feel more connected to myself, when I am outside, whether it is day or night, I feel more peaceful, somehow closer to myself, to my true home. Since being a child I have always stared at the sun, (of course my mother had a fit and said I would go blind) I still do it I everyday, connecting myself to the radiant central Sun that does more than shed light upon this planet of ours, and the Moon with its gentle beauty and luminous heavenly light also fills my soul with serenity and stills me. The universe really is a magnificent place, full of wonder and unexpected beauty wherever you look. I am blessed to see the magic that surrounds me every second of the day or night in whatever forms or guises that maybe. I am so honoured to me, right here, right NOW, knowing that although at times I feel very isolated from my celestial roots, I am in fact closer than I think!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I just predicted who was going to be on the phone! Told you things were changing...............

Way to go Gem!

Lost Mojo

How a person feels about themself in a sensual manner is difficult for others to comprehend, when your 'mojo' goes missing it can create all sorts of false conceptions about yourself as a sensual or sexual being. Speaking from experience, I know that what people often see in me is NOT what I see in myself, and although to the world I may often present an image that is by all accounts a confident and sensual woman, that is not how I feel on the inside. I know at times I have struggled to find myself at all appealing to anyone of the opposite sex, and when gazing in the mirror (especially when naked) I have been repelled by what stood before me, and attempting to get 'in the mood' has been as easy as climbing Mt Everest!
I know that my self belief in the delicate area of sensuality has a lot to do with the body image I was given as a child, teenager and adult, various people manipulate their often screwed up views onto you and you are then left to sort through the debris that is left. Having the experience of sexual abuse as a child I feel has been the major cause for this imbalance within my soul, however adding to that comments from jealous women and cruel lovers has taken its toll over the years. It is easy to look at someone and judge them by their outward appearance, thinking that the aesthetic image is all there is to consider if a person is sexually confident or not, this is a fallacy, no one can possible know what is occurring within the mind of another, and although the appearance of the person standing before you may be desirable or erotic, do not be lulled into the false sense that this person is all you are dreaming of.
Never judge a book by it cover, because unless you wear someone else's shoes you can never understand their life completely.

Last Night

Last night I woke to hear a strange sound, it was coming from somewhere in the house, it was loud, rhythmical and hypnotic to a point, it sounded like breathing, it was steady, yet unlike what I know to be normal breathing, it was somehow pulsating, throbbing. Everyone else slept through it, and any attempts to wake them the sound stopped immediately, it was for my ears only. I was unsure if I should get up and investigate, whether I would have seen source for this strange sound, in the end I did not, I lay there listening and wondering what it was, feeling safe. When it stopped it did so by fading out slowly, as if it had opened a door and was drifting away, slowly back into the night.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Today I had a profound experience, an awakening perhaps is a better way to describe it, throughout my spiritual journey I have had many such experiences, all signifying a new growth or segment of my personal journey.
Today I emerged from a form of self imposed slumber, as I looked around me, the water sparkled like diamonds, so bright and mesmerising, the trees whispered to me of things ancient and wise, the magpie sung its chorus of love to the world, although I felt it was directly to me, I saw the ducks resting on the lakeside, idol and waiting enjoying the NOW, the same NOW that we as humans spend little time in, how many of you take the time to watch the trees, hear the birds, feel the wind as it whispers in your ear, enticing you into its sensual world of flight, a silent world so enchanting that words are useless in describing its power, its magic. The only world that makes complete sense to me here on this planet, nature, pure and magnificent, raw and intense, silent and gentle. The same energy that pulses through the trees, plants,animals, birds, water and fish pulses through each and every one of us, connecting us silently and inwardly as we share the reality that we find ourselves in. I give thanks to my soul for directing me towards today, guiding me through a lifetime of probabilities and possibilities that lead me to where I am this day, aware and ready to stand true to my beliefs, to my destiny, the destiny that shall lead me back to Oneness, to living in the heart.


I have just finished reading The Bridges of Madison County again, this book is a simple tale of love, deep profound and never ending love, love that survives a separation of twenty two years, yet in this time it never dies, its rawness and passion is smoldering and consuming even though their brief affair lasted only four days.

Why is it that this book moves me so much? The emotions I feel from this writing are so moving and heart wrenching for me that my heart feels their pain, their silent suffering, perhaps it gives credence to my view that we are in fact all one, that when you open your soul you are able to connect with others on this deep soul level, the level of existence that takes us back to source. To know love this deep, love that transcends continents and decades must be rare, how many people love like this? in this primitive and consuming manner, how many would even want to in this day and age of instant gratification?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

This mornings writing

What have I allowed to happen to me? I lost my way, my dedication to my path; my soul’s journey has been lost! Gone is my dedication and passion to my Ascension, replacing it is an uncontrollable feeling of desperation at having made a 'wrong' decision and a constant beating up of myself, it is as if I AM preventing myself from achieving my goal, getting in my own way to prove my-self (ego mind) right that this life is not as I had thought all along, it is in fact hard, because that is what life is all about! Well sorry still here! Fighting my way back to health, fullness and Light, I refuse to be defeated by my ego mind, a mind that thrives upon heartache, dis-ease and negativity, I REFUSE!

In these past few weeks since my knee injury (my stopping if you like) I have been made or rather given the opportunity to ‘SEE’ what I have done to create this current life situation, and also to see a changing of my body to flow with the attitudes of the mind. I know that I have been beating myself up for a year and a half in regards to our move to Australia, I have not moved with life with ease at all, yet inwardly I know that this is part of my journey is important, relevant in my souls growth, a turning point, a beginning as well as an ending. The allergies I have been suffering with have subsided I can once again breathe through my nose, the congestion is releasing from my chest also, at the same time my knee is hampers my mobility! I AM returning to me, I AM seeing what I created, remembering my own rules to life, Thought creates your reality – I see what my thoughts of negativity and regret have created over many long months of sadness and longing, however I know that by seeing this and by knowing my role in their manifestation I AM on the way back, to myself, to fullness and to health. I feel that this time is extremely important to me, that the amount of still and peaceful time I have is so deeply required by my soul, to heal and to regenerate, preparing for the final stage, Home. I feel that peace, love, stillness, happiness and laughter are the keys to my well being, that I AM to fill my life with only people and circumstances that will see me achieve these feelings. Situations or people that provide any emotions other than those mentioned above will be avoided, released and moved away from. Doing this with the utmost love is vital, those whom I feel have served their purpose within my journey are not to be disliked, simply eased out with love, allowing new people in and new experiences to follow. I understand that my inner changes during this ‘growth’ period have been enormous, I know and feel this and even though there are times I have created that have been tough, they also have been very powerful and nurturing. Speaking to myself on this level is a gift to myself, it allows me to see what is occurring within me, and around me, giving me the ability to work from within to rectify what is out of sync without.

So deeply AM I dedicated to my soul’s journey that I feel my tests and struggles are being drawn out to eliminate all dis-harmony within my ego mind, after all this is the planet of free will! I do though still sense that because of my connection to the Family of Light, I AM often prevented also by forces who wish me to fail, who desire me to stay with the rest of humanity locked in a world of negativity and turmoil, this does not mean I feel possessed in anyway, simply often tested and resisted in many areas of my life. I have spoken to others working on their earthly ascension and they report the same, the closer you get the more resistance felt, blocks in your path, hampering your progress, wanting you to give up and return to ‘robotsville’ with the rest of the sleeping souls who follow the humdrum rhythm of life, expecting the expected, allowing the body, mind and spirit to shut down and admit defeat, allowing the death of their body and mind to take over their being, even before physical death. That is not for me, whether I am wrong or right about my assumptions and theories on life is irrelevant, I AM standing firm upon my path, I shall fight until the end – or beginning, depending on how one sees it, knowing that my intuition was right all along, that there is more to me than this one segment of reality, there are many more facets to my being, to my soul, this is only one sparkle in the diamond, many others shimmer elsewhere in time and space.

Reflection and stillness I feel are the tools requires to attain my prize, I feel that the more stillness I have the more I crave, release the past, heed my own advice, express love and acknowledgement for the NOW the complete freshness of every new day, each moment as it offers its purity and new memories with each second passing. No moment is the same as the last; each is unique and so vital for producing the story of my life, to unfold in love and serenity, each moment I make the conscious decision to either be aware of the control I possess in manifesting my reality or not, giving my power back to the ego mind, to keep me imprisoned in a brainwashed society, I know which I choose. Freedom, and the ability to transcend all that suppresses me, I understand now it was not designed to be an easy road, if it was then the growth that the soul would experience at the end would not be as monumental.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Special People

When out of the blue that special someone phones you, someone so dear and treasured, it makes the heart soar and reminds you just how magical this life can be. It also erases the miles that are between me and my special friends at the moment, allowing me to see how deeply connected we all still are even at this distance.
As I have said before my special people are what makes this life so special, the ones here and the ones that are far away.
Your friends are like jewels so precious and rare, they are the family that you choose for your self, the gifts that no amount of money could buy, they are irreplaceable and once that connection is made, there is no going back.


I know that I am not from here, I know that my true home is up past the clouds, in a place where I too can float and meander across the sky with grace, enchanting those who cast their eyes upward, filling them with awe, like the clouds do for me. I never tire of watching clouds, whether they are white and fluffy or grey and atmospheric, they mesmerise me, completely lulling my soul into serenity and peace.

Thought for today

Moving on

Moving on is not something the majority of the human race does well, we like nothing better than to hold onto the past with such intensity that we create so much dis-harmony within our lives. What is it that we are afraid of? Why is it that many people relish playing a 'poor me' or a 'victim' not seeing that their thoughts, words and deeds are creating the dis-harmony that they so despise! That is not to say that those like myself are immune to dramas unfolding within their lives, the difference is we search for what the challenge means, what it is telling us about our actions or our thinking, where we may require work, or perhaps to slow down and be still. Holding on to any issues from your past, be it yesterday, last week or years ago serves NO purpose within your life now, it is gone, therefore you can not change it, so why fret or relive it again and again? I know that I have been venturing down that path recently playing the movie, why did I do that, (see Hindsight) and as a result I am stopped by a twisted knee. Your joints represent direction, movement, moving forward in life, your legs are what carry you forward, taking you into your tomorrows, I see this and AM working upon my release, and my direction. I know that I often feel like I have let myself down when I appear to relapse and return to old ways, although at times it is other people who hamper my spiritual journey, (again because I allow them to get into my head) seeing your energy so out of sync that you begin the downward spiral into mis-alignment and dis-harmony. My own self doubts have been laid to rest, I am able to understand why I am here, I know that some of it is due to my own actions and thoughts, however the majority is due to other people and their reluctance to let the past go. It is so easy for other people to blame you for everything that goes wrong in their lives, to find a scape goat who can take the blame for all that is wrong with them or where they are in life instead of facing the fact that they themselves are where they are without the help of anyone else. It does not matter whether it is a job or a relationship, whatever your issue is, you chose to be where you are, and until you decide to take responsibility and do the inner work required there you will stay, stuck in a life you do not like. Only we are in control of every aspect of our own life, no one else can hurt us verbally or physically unless we allow it, and if we find our self in a job or a relationship, (this includes friendships) that causes us pain, then release it, let it go, it has served it purpose it is no longer relevant. Most people are afraid to let go of the past and to move into uncharted territory because they have a fear of the unknown, the same can be said of their reluctance to let go of issues that they replay in their minds, over and over again, they are safe with these devils that haunt them, what would they be without them? FREE, free to begin manifesting a life that is designed by them, taking responsibility for ALL their actions and thoughts, and knowing that what they have they created is what they get, and if this life that they have created is not to their liking, then by simply changing how they think and what words they use they will begin to change their reality. I know when I first began my road to Ascension this was a difficult concept for me to take on board, I had up until that point in my life been dealt a pretty rotten hand, why on earth would I have done this to myself? Because it was what I wanted to learn from in this life, every situation we have is for our highest learning, we design our life lessons before we incarnate upon this planet, we choose who will be our parents, children and lovers, and from these encounters we are given the opportunity to grow, to move through the pain. It is only when we decide to hang onto the past, using it as a n excuse to stop living that we encounter hardship, depression, frustration, illness and hate, be that self hatred or hate directed towards another! All the scenes we play over and over in our mind cause us to become stuck and bitter, passing blame and judgement onto others in our life instead of taking responsibility for our own life. Responsibility = the ability to respond in any situation, the choice is ALWAYS yours, no one can make you do anything, or go anywhere you do not truly wish to go, you decide, it is easier to pass the blame onto someone else, especially when you are not entirely happy with where you are now, to say it was their fault is a cop out, its only reward is to see you stay exactly where you are, full of self pity and anger! When you begin to see your life as a canvas, each day you have the ability to paint a little more, creating a picture of perfect harmony. Why would you repaint the same scene over and over? You would not, so why rewind your mind to play things that happened long ago, or even yesterday, why not dream of new and exciting possibilities, a new harmonious life, one filled with peace, happiness, stillness and love? See the power in your thoughts, choose your words and thoughts wisely, take control of your life, all aspects of your life and step into your new tomorrows without fear, illness, lack or suffering, create the life you desire and live the life you are here to live, the one you have total control over!

Blossom Relaxes

Blossom has decided that my meditation space is the ideal spot for sleeping, she spends a lot of time here lately, often getting as close to the crystals / energy disc's I have been using as possible, bless her wonderful little heart. She really is a little gem!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Why is it that you feel that you must defend yourself for having made a 'mistake' (even though in life there are 'no' mistakes), an error in judgement or misinterpreting an intuitive sign can often lead you to feel as if you have dropped one mighty clanger! I know that my decision to suggest that Australia was the place to be has proved to be one of those clangers, I did not foresee how I would feel, and how I would long to be somewhere else, thousands of miles away, I simply thought that being in Australia would provide us with a new and an exciting chapter in our lives. I know that I am learning a great deal about myself, and also others that share my journey are also moving and growing in directions that perhaps they would not have, had this move not occurred. I understand that there is no wrong or right, there just is, and that the deep heart wrenching loneliness and homesickness I feel was something that I could not have possibly foreseen. I am impulsive, and spontaneous and it often these two traits of mine that lead me into my greatest challenges, which of course provide me ultimately with tremendous growth, yet taking all of this into consideration I still struggle with myself for suggesting this in the first place and with others for not being understanding and forgiving in this situation. All I can say in my defence is that I thought it was a great idea, and in many ways it has been, there have been many gifts already that have arisen out of this blunder of mine, some for me, many for the others that share my journey, there has been growth in many directions.

As for my homesickness, that has even surprised me, especially its intensity, whenever I see a movie of England I am instantly moved by an uncontrollable force within me, I know within my heart that is where I wish to be, I long for the seasons, the countryside, the way of life, the atmosphere that is England, everything that I am now was made in England, I cannot help this and it is not invented, it simply is! I know that a lot of people close to me do not understand this, in fact most Australians I would imagine would think I have lost the plot entirely, how could I possibly swap the beaches and the clear sunny skies for what they view as a grey and sunless existence, people are too harsh on England most of the time out of ignorance because some people who say such things have never been to the country, others I feel defend their country because I feel that they can't understand how someone could not want to stay here. I guess it boils down to where you feel at home, where your roots are, I did not realise that mine where so firmly planted many miles away. We have made a decision to stay for a few more years, and I know that I will never truly be here, not totally, a part of me remains asleep and waiting, waiting for that moment when we return to the place where my soul feels at home, the country where I found myself, to the land that I belong.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Note from The Universe

What if every single decision you ever made, was the right one, all things considered?
They were, and you totally rock.


A few years ago I was blessed enough to have swum with dolphins, it was for me a extremely spiritual experience, this had been one of my wishes since I was a child, to be in the water with a wild dolphin, watching and listening, experiencing the magic of these amazing creatures.
Spiritually speaking I know that the dolphins originate from the planet Sirius, that they are more evolved than the human race, as are their cousins the whales, my experience is something that had profound effects upon me, to feel their tranquility and peace was an honour, and a moment that I shall not forget, I have photos on my wall to remind me of this awesome day, the feel of their gentle caress as they swiftly floated underneath me, the look in their eye when the held my gaze filling me with a profound sense of peace and the happiness that surrounded me for days after, a simple glace at their photo is all it takes to transport me back into their world of stillness, silence and peace.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Wish for Today

My wish for today is for people that find shooting innocent kangaroos ( or any other animal) for fun to really think about what they are doing. How can taking the life of another be fun? I have never understood how anyone could kill, murder in cold blood another living thing. To stand there with a frightened and stalked animal before you, pulling the trigger and ending its life just because you felt like it. They think not of its pain, whether or not they kill it instantly, whether it suffers and what pain this causes its family.

Animals all relate to each other with their family group, they feel pain and they sense the taking of another, just because they do not speak a language that most humans understand is irrelevant, the fact is they feel everything we do, and should not be hunted down and shot in cold blood just for fun.

Lets allow peace to return to this planet, and in doing so giving the animals their freedom, a freedom that allows them to live without fear of being murdered when the fancy takes an unenlightened human!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who are we........................

I know that not everyone shares my beliefs in where we originate from and who we really are, I feel that as long as I feel that I know the truth in my own soul and heart then that is all the matters, I understand more about my journey with each passing day, I know that I decided to incarnate upon this planet at this time, I know that I AM an honoured and respected Master in the realms of my origin and that my peers and guides are with me continually whilst I am separated from them here on Earth. I know that I have, especially this last year and a half, been extremely unsettled here due to all the upheaval of our relocation to Australia, however I am working through this now and in doing so a clarity is returning, my vision is clear and my purpose in life is once again the most important part of my life. I feel that it has been vital for me to endure and work through all these 'life dramas', that without any of the scenarios that have taken place in my personal journey I would have missed a vital clue in my reawakening, at times I have lost my passion for my souls fulfillment, yet never totally, it is if my soul stands guard and allows my ego mind to take me so far, but then just when desperation is nearly ready to engulf me completely my spirit takes control and out of the depths of despair I begin my climb up the steps to Ascension once again. I know that I am moving forward with my personal awakening, and I feel as if this is it, the battle is about over, soon will be the time when all the cleansing will be done and my life will be free of lessons, the goal reached. In these recent weeks the change that I have sensed within me has been subtle yet amazingly powerful, it is little things that I notice now, such as in the way I foresee an energy exchange, be it a phone conversation or in person, it is different now, I am happy to blend into the background, allowing others to play out their drama, waiting to see where I actually fit in, sometimes I know I am simply to watch.

My Light family are giving me more signs now, I see them bursting through into this dimension at all times throughout the day or night, confirming for me that I AM doing okay, and that I am really not alone, no one is ever truly alone. Even in our deepest and darkest hours of desperation they are there standing by watching and feeling our pain, waiting for us to call on them to reassure us of their love and support, all you have to do is close your eyes and go into that still place within your heart, to feel with all your might the compassion and love that surrounds you, always, no matter where you are. Take the time for stillness, it is the best investment you will ever make.

My Special Plant

Before we moved to Australia I had a wonderful plant that sat on the sill of the bathroom window, it was an amazing little treasure, it flourished in its warm sunny position for all the years I had it. What was so special about this plant was that it use to move often when I asked it to, usually this would occur as I was enjoying a long warm bath, I always lay there admiring this special little plant often talking to it (as I do with all my plant friends) anyway I began to notice that this little fellow would communicate back by stretching itself out and once it actually move in a complete circle after I asked if it could hear me! What most would say happened of course was that it was moved by a hint of breeze, however I know that this was not the case as these plants are so delicate that if that were so then most of the plant would have been effected, which of course was not the case!

When we arrived in Australia and began to settle into out home I really wished for one of these plants again, to remind me of the one I had to leave behind. At first all my searches lead me to a dead end, until I found the one you are looking at now, by chance one of two in a nursery looking somewhat neglected, not the case anymore as you will see, and much to my happiness this morning as I was sitting in the sun with Blossom, it started to gracefully move and explore its surroundings just the other one did at home, what a brilliant start to my day, it always fills me with so much joy to receive confirmation that the other Beings that share our journey here on Earth are intelligent and have feelings, just because they do not communicate in the way we do simply does not mean that they are void of all the emotions that we have, they simply communicate in more supple ways.
Therefore I always honour ALL life, in whatever form that maybe.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have not mentioned Blossom for a long time, bless her, she is doing really well, all of a sudden her appetite has returned, with a vengeance I might add! In fact since I found her just over a year ago she has only ever nibbled at her food, now she is eating a couple of cans a day (small cans), which is wonderful. And all this food is seeing her stay awake for another five minutes a day with an odd mad dash around the garden, oh to be a cat!

She is also due for another shower this weekend, we tried the bath as you can see however with trial and error we have found that the shower is a better option!

She never complains, or scratches she simply sits there and lets me get on with it, bless her she is another one of my greatest gifts, a rare find indeed!

A miracle in the palm of your hands


Throughout your life you meet a variety of people, some of these people you realise instantly that they are special to you, there is a recognition within your soul, within their soul, a knowing that is triggered by this person. Often we may take awhile to understand what this connection is to be, but usually they are the ones you are instantly comfortable with, you feel at ease with and have so much in common, or simply understand each other in ways that no one else can. When we are reunited with these special people it is vital that we do not dismiss the relevance of what our soul is telling us, that we stop and listen to our heart, taking the time to hear what is being said at soul level, to understand the importance of this gift. I feel most deeply that you remind these special people of the magic that they have given your life, how just by being themselves they have enriched your life, given you a gift that no amount of money could buy, it reassures us that there is more to this life than meets the eye, when in moments of desperation you receive contact at just the right time, when you feel that life has dealt you a pretty tough hand. My special people know who they are because I tell them, thank them, and I love them and cherish the day they entered my life. When all is said and done a hug can reach a long way, thousands of miles in fact, engulfing you at the time you require it most, from arms that vibrate love at its purest. Unfortunately they do not always share your journey closely, often you will find yourselves many miles apart, yet that connection still remains, strong and unbroken in its intensity, it simply is part of who each of your are. I thank the Universe for the gifts they have given me, mostly for my special people.

A Message

We are always looking for you to be ready to be used as a channel to send forth the love and light around you.
Be ever ready, hold tight to all around you, the beautiful, true and good.
Do not become negative, remain positive in all ways thus turning your mind to messengers from other worlds who look to you to respond. (Eileen Noble 1996)

My Vision

This morning as I woke I saw this image in my minds eye as clear as day, I sensed that this is a message to me, a message that has come at the right time for me, it was so vibrant, so intensely beautiful, and although this is the closest image I can find that resembles it, it is somehow not as magical and vibrant as the one I was given.
Clarification was required for me to know that I am on the right path, that my self learning is in fact vital for me, and my question for a sign that I am on the right path has given me this as its answer, how elated I feel, and so at peace and in tune with not only myself, the Universe as well. In these past few months I have found more than ever my quest into Oneness, into Enlightenment has been a long and difficult journey, and with all my recent health challenges it has given me a chance for real growth, for me to see what I required to let go off, and that it was I who was creating my dis-easement.
I had got to the point not so long ago of thinking that I should just give up, that all of this spiritual stuff was not getting me anywhere or giving me anything, how wrong I was, for when I truly look with open eyes I see how far I have come, how much I have changed and how detached I am from normal human lives, and how happy that makes me feel.
I know without a shadow of doubt that I am where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing, that I AM on the right path..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Note from the Universe

Start it; you don't have to be fancy.

Keep moving; you don't have to go crazy.

Visualize; you don't have to admit it.

See the end result; it doesn't have to be material.

Expect miracles; they don't have to be huge.

Pretend you've arrived; you don't have to dance on tables.

And above all else, have fun.

This is why you started it, right?
Life, what a trip -

The Universe

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I sense with this approaching change that I feel is imminent I may find myself facing yet another cross in the road............ which way do I go? I find myself presented with two options and yet I am not certain about which road to take.

Go within a voice whispers into my ear, what a wonderful and welcome voice of support and serenity.

Penny For Your Thoughts


I feel as if a new chapter is about to begin, something has shifted within me, I feel as if the next step is a vital one, that my testing is about over, that I am coming of age so to speak in my search for Oneness. Each moment of our lives is a test to our soul, in every thought and reaction we have we set in motion our next lesson or gift, however in reality both are the same. Whatever hardship we present ourselves with, will in fact give to us a gift of growth for our soul, once we see that we have created our current circumstances ourselves we are free to transcend that lesson and move on. There is no right or wrong in our lives, there just is. When we take responsibility for our actions we take control of our lives. We do not require to look outside the self for answers, and no other person can 'fix' us, we are the only ones who can heal what is out of sync within our being, although others may offer guidance they cannot heal what is broken within us, that we can only do ourselves when we take back our power and become responsible for every action and thought we have, in doing so we aid the healing of the planet.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


As you are living in the focus of NOW, without a past and without a future, you are allowing the space for new knowledge and solutions to 'problems' to float into your consciousness without strife and struggle. (P'taah 1995)
P'taah has had the greatest impact on my life, the teachings he has given to humanity has at times been the only thing to pull me through, his energy when felt is so intensely loving that it caresses your entire being bathing you with a love so powerful that it penetrates your whole being. He is here as are many other interplanetary teachers are to assist humanity in the coming transition to the new world age, the age of Light. Like all relevant teachings for this current world time, P'taah tells us of the importance that of staying in the NOW, allow the past to float away and the future to come when the time is right for it to appear. He teaches us to know who we 'really'' are and of our power to create our life, to unfold our destiny and regain our inner harmony.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Wish for Today

Bless his beautiful little heart, so trusting of the arm he clings to, how can anyone even think of harming such a beautiful animal, whether a baby like this one or an adult they deserve to live life in peace and tranquility.
If I had a wish today it would be to protect all the animals of the world from the destruction and violence of man. To allow them to live in peace in their natural environments the way our creator intended.
What a shame this little prince will not walk in the wild, having the freedom to live a life of peace and tranquility. Instead he is in captivity in this messed up world the safest place for him to be.
When will humanity wake up?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

The months and days
are the travellers of eternity.
The years that come and
go are also voyagers.........
I too for years past have
been stirred by the sight of
a solitary cloud drifting with
the wind to ceaseless
thoughts of roaming.
Cats lapping milk is one of the sounds of perfection

I See

Why is it that the closer I progress upon my path to Ascension, to awakening to my real self completely do I continue to suffer set backs, which I know are created by me? I know that when I look back to where I was even six months ago I have moved on and changed so much, yet here I am once again with impurities within my body vessel, I know that my thoughts and attitude are creating these physical challenges which frustrates me even more. I feel that the last year and a half has been a major learning curve for me, and that it has left its mark, what appeared to be a great idea at the time has turned out to be far from that, I have spent months and months condemning myself for even thinking about the move to Australia, and since being here I have continued to shall we say beat myself up about it. The simple fact is that I do not wish to be here, and before we go on that is not to say I find the country less than beautiful in its rugged and harsh way, I just do not fit in here. Having come over here for a period of time in 2004 I thought that this would be the ideal place for a new beginning, a fresh chapter, how wrong I was. As it has turned out it has given me something I did not expect, and that is a mourning for what I had, and a country that has become embedded into my bones so dramatically that I find the level of homesickness to difficult to explain. Taking all of this into consideration it is easy to see why I have these continual setbacks with my health, change my thinking............... I know on a spiritual level this is exactly where I am mean to be at this present moment in time, that the lesson that I have to learn here is a monumental one, and once conquered I shall not look back, however that does not make it easy to cope. I guess what I am saying to myself is give yourself a break, know that all is as it should be and that you are supported every step of the way by multitudes of Beings that love you, not to mention the humans sharing your path.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Change Your View

Driving home today from the shops I noticed much to my dismay that some land was being leveled ready for MORE new homes to be built, a massive sign stood in front of this destroyed land that read 'Change Your View', as I sat in my car waiting for the traffic lights to change I thought of the thousands of marsupials, mammals, reptiles, birds, trees, insects and hundreds of other beings who have been murdered or lost their homes all because of mans greed and his never ending quest to destroy every inch of this planet. As it is Perth is one long suburb, it mingles into to one, there is no distinction between one ending and another starting, on and on it sprawls. Here in this city they have destroyed the bushland. Even the foothills that surround the city of Perth are being sold off for the ever important dollar, people are cashing in on the 'good' times and I feel that they are not thinking about the future. At this rate the only living Australian animals will be the ones in the zoos, living a life of captivity, at least they are not dead or hunted! I wonder if anyone else thinks about the impact all this building is having on the environment, the animals in particular, there will be no native animals left at this rate, between the building and the shooting Australians are causing the extinction of their native treasures. I know which view I prefer, the one of native bushland, of families of kangaroos and cockatoos feeding, but that beautiful piece of bushland is now gone forever to be replaced with yet more houses.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I often wonder why some people treat their families the way they do, how they cannot possibly see the devastation that they cause with their cold and selfish attitudes, that they cannot see (apparently) how they hurt and offend the people who are close to them. And how others will complain about the thoughtless acts, and the cold reactions yet they will not address the situation. Why? I think that often the party who is so self absorbed with their own world, actually do not see that they are doing anything wrong, they are so caught up in their view of reality that they have no idea whatsoever that they have caused any upset to another member of the family. On the other hand, those who have been at the receiving end will not say anything, will not stand up to this person and tell them how they feel. Why? They are all on a merry-go-round and until one of them makes an effort to stop this cycle then it will just continue, on and on. They will all continue to be unhappy or self absorbed (whichever the case maybe) and the anger and frustration continues to build causing anger, resentment and illness within those who will not confront this situation and begin the journey of healing.
Life is about love, harmony, happiness and peace, and if you cannot find this within your own family what hope has the world got.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Stag

Would you enjoy to ride along as a pack of dogs chased this magnificent animal until he could no longer stand?

Then would you stay there as these same dogs torn it to pieces?

How could anyone find pleasure in that? That is humanity at its most insane.

Careful What You Think

We as a race waste so much of our energy clogging our minds with unnecessary thoughts, refusing in most cases to let go of the past, holding onto painful memories and allowing them to replay over and over again, allowing us to stay hopelessly stuck in the past we so desperately wish to be free of, yet in the majority of cases we fail to see that by simply letting go of the past that haunts us, will give us release from further torment and suffering. My own journey has been hampered with my inability to put into practice what I do in fact know to be true, I could quite easily fall into the old pattern when someone asked me "how are you" or "what has been happening in your life" gives me the opportunity to get up upon my soapbox and moan about my current state of affairs, all the hassles I am having and how others are causing me heartache, then I hear myself and think what are you doing? Yet on I go verbalising my hardships, thus creating for myself even more to follow. It is true we are what we think, thoughts ARE things, they do manifest our reality, we create our own life play whether we like it or not, if we really took the time to think before we not only spoke, but also thought, we would find that our life would change rather dramatically for the better. However would the majority of the human race really want that? Are they too caught up on the 'drama' of life, the negative and the depressing? How many people actually want to be happy and fulfilled within their lives? What would they have to talk about? I know that I have lapses into the old way of thinking, I too still occasionally get caught up in the drama of the world and all its apparent trials and tribulations, even when I know that it is all an illusion, yet I am aware enough to know that it is usually to do with a life lesson that I have not yet mastered, so once aware I get myself swiftly back upon my path in life, and I focus on the NOW not the past, not even yesterday or five minutes ago, I know that what has been done or said is over, it cannot be changed or rewritten, it simply is! I think that the biggest lesson that I have learnt lately is that my inner work, my silent time and stillness is the most important part of my life, and to not beat myself up when I fall back into the 'sleeping human' mode, of playing a 'poor me' or a 'victim' even if it is just for a brief moment, I understand that these brief lapses are growth spurts for my soul and once I acknowledge them I am then able to step out of the illusion I have created and reclaim my personal power, and take up where I left off. Most importantly I must allow others to be who they are, to follow their own path, just because others are on the road with me that does not mean that their journey should resemble mine, this has been a difficult challenge for me to overcome, so dedicated to the Light and to the Ascension of not only myself, humanity but also the planet am I that I want those close to me to understand and to share this journey with me, however that is not the case, and I feel that I now accept this. Those who are my family and friends (with a couple of exceptions) are not at this moment in time aware of why we are really here, they are still locked into believing that they do not control their own destiny, that they actually manifest their reality, that their thoughts are the things that create all the hardship that they experience day after day, and that is okay. That is who they are.