Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is apparently the season of 'goodwill', the season to be jolly!
Why do we require a season to be jovial and peace loving towards our fellow humans? The calendar I follow does not celebrate Christmas as it is my belief that every day is sacred, as is all life, human or otherwise, therefore I have no requirement for a 'special' day to love those around me. As this 'festive' season approaches I have noticed have many people begin to behave in a false manner, becoming generous to the family that they neglect throughout the year, taking time to visit the elderly relatives in care facilities............the list goes on!
Love and peace are not to be limited to a certain few days of your life, it is the state each of us ought to reside in every single day, this is our birth right. I give intent that man awakens from his material, greedy slumber and reconnects to the intrinsic callings of his higher self, that more of humanity joins me in anchoring the love vibration to this planet in doing so breaking through the veil of illusion that keeps many locked in the prison of negativity and painful struggles that hampers their happiness and personal growth.
As you sit with those you love this festive season, take a moment to be still, to look around at who is joining you, opening your heart to project your love directly into their heart centre, they need not know what you are doing, it is enough to connect within the stillness of your intent.

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