Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rhythmic Moon

As the majority of the world heads towards the festive season I have just begun a new month, the Rhythmic Moon which brings with it the energies of organisation, balance, and equality. "Music is behind life, and rules life; from music springs all life. The whole creation exists in rhythm and in a general phrase, it may be said that there is one common source of human disease; and that is disorder in rhythm." Hazrat Inayat Khan

Life as we know it in this 'modern' world is becoming more and more unbalanced and without rhythm, it is with this loss of rhythm that many find their lives becoming more and more chaotic. When you follow the Gregorian calendar you are following a man made mechanical time, one that thrives on chaos, the past, and control, unlike the Dreamspell / Mayan calender that flows with the celestial movements and rhythms of our wondrous Universe.
All life flows to the rhythms of the Universe, and when you do not listen or are not aware of these subtle rhythms of your body and soul, life becomes dis-eased, creating disharmony within your body and in your life story. By spending time learning to reconnect and to listen to your bodies rhythms and the rhythms of the Universe you will begin to balance your body vessel, thus returning to your intrinsic state of connection with the Universe. Knowing that life is a process, an on going motion that requires continual organization and re-organization, a sacred juggling act if you will. When you begin to organise the elements of your life you invite efficiency and functionality into your reality. By becoming organised you will begin to coordinate the flow of your life, and you will sense a greater equilibrium throughout your daily life, and of course your within your body vessel. You will begin to attune to the rhythm of the Universe, thus sensing the connection of all creation to yourself, sensing the sacred balance that is essential for inner harmony and peace. As we head towards our tomorrows it is vital for the survival of the planet that we reclaim our Light, that we see through the illusion of man made time, the time that suppresses humanity and keeps you captive and controlled. By returning to a state of Oneness with all and allowing the rhythms of the Universe to bestow its magic upon you, you will assist the anchoring of Light into the dense oppression this planet is surrounded by. See through the illusions that surround you, allow no one to manipulate you, know that you are free to design and to live your life as your destiny decrees.
"There is a voice that doesn't use words. LISTEN." Rumi

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