Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The greatest challenge to overcome in this reality is that of being judgemental towards others, having the ability to stay in your own head in times of conflict without assuming to know what the other person /s may be thinking. It is literally impossible for me to know what you are thinking or for you to know what I am thinking. We are all unique, each and every one of us, and no matter how much you feel you KNOW an other person you can never completely enter their head, although our arrogance sometimes may give us the illusions of this ability! Is it our own fears or inadequacies that lead us to judge and condemn others for their actions or words? Usually what you see in another that causes you to become angry or irritated is a reflection of a part of your self that requires your attention, only instead of returning to your self to sort it out and to transcend your personal challenge, it is far easier to have a go at someone else, take out our frustration on them, bury our head in the sand for another day, week, month, or year, only to find that our particular issue has snowballed out of control causing us to become even more judgemental. Staying in your own head takes a great deal of practice, and at times you will suffer set backs as the ego mind fights for you to return to the negative self-destructive ways, however over time you will overcome this and you will be able to choose to love and accept all people for who they are and where they are on their personal life story. If you remember I wrote sometime ago there is only love or fear, there is nothing else, it is each souls quest to remain in love with all of humanity, to choose love over fear in all circumstances and in doing so unleashing the shackles that bind your heart, returning you to the god state of Oneness with All.

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