Friday, December 07, 2007

A Christ-Mass Invocation

I do not celebrate Christmas seeing as I follow the Mayan long count calendar, although I still gather together with my loved ones and join them in the season of goodwill. For those of you who do perhaps this will give you some added inspiration as the festive season draws nearer for you.

"As the Christ-Mass energy descends upon us, let us recognise not only the flow of energy between each one of us, the opening of our hearts, the giving of our love and energy, but also the down pouring of Spirit. Let us remember the story of the Christ-Mass and the descending of a great Light into a world of Darkness. Let us all unite in that down pouring. Let us unite with that Light and reflect it now and evermore.

Let us be at one with the energy of Christ-Mass. Let us resolve not to fight evil but to transmute it, not to oppose but to reflect, not to challenge but to stand. Let us join hands to form a circle of peace and then let us send that peace out to this troubled planet. Let us unite our energies, our Light, and send it out to touch every aspect of Darkness on this planet and, as we do that, let us recognise that as we give so are we to receive, to receive the joy of the Christ-Mass.

May we all go forth along our different paths to touch this planet and those who dwell upon it in our appointed and destined ways, knowing that we are a part of Light, joined to Light and serving Light."

Wisdom of Ramala 1986

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