Thursday, December 06, 2007


The beautiful and elusive pink river dolphins of the Amazon are most amazing, the locals tell of their ability to shape-shift into human form to entice a lover into the realms of their magical kingdom Encante where they claim your soul, do not be captivated by their playful and friendly persona, beware if you follow them you may never return!!!!!!
The Legend;

"When the boto transforms into a man to dance at the village ball, bringing the lucky bow and arrow, and carrying the frog charm for luck and passion, he danced the night away with a beautiful peasant maiden."

"quando o boto virou gente para dancar no puscirum trouxe arco, trouxe flecha e at'e muriaquita, e dancou a noite inteira com a bela cunhanta."

"The mystery throughout the land being the disappearance of the village beauty with the handsome man."

"Um grande misterio na roca se fax, fugiu cuhantacom um belo rapaz........."

"The boto fled through the fields, desiring the maiden by the rivers edge..............."

"E o boto ligerio na roca fugiu. Desejando a cabocla na beira do rio..................."

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