Monday, December 17, 2007

Beautiful Storm

Yesterday after the planting was completed we decided to go and have a coffee out, seeing that it has been all digging and no play for a few weeks now, on the way home we took the scenic route via the coast road, it takes FOREVER yet is well worth the delays.
It was a blustery, stormy, utterly fabulous day, the strong easterly winds meant that the sea was unusually calm, in fact the winds where that strong that the water looked like it was being blown out to sea, or as I said, "it looked like the plug was being pulled and the sea was going to empty," it was rather odd I must say.
The colours however were fantastic, and the sky, well, the sky was AMAZING, although perhaps that had something to with the fact it was a galactic portal day (which means that the galactic portals were open.)
I was captivated by the energy that was thoroughly invigorating, more so down here by the oceans edge, there were not too many braving the gusty conditions, the usual weekend pavement pounders were nowhere to be seen, funny how a beautiful cloudy, wet, and wild day can scare people to stay inside.

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