Monday, December 31, 2007


For me attaining a state of bliss varies, although it is always achieved when I commune with nature, this afternoon while out on a walk I was overwhelmed by the boundless beauty that surrounded me, the sound of the wind as it blew through the branches, the sight of the sky and the majestic trees. Bliss is a state that humans search for, usually in the wrong ways, many feel that bliss is found from another, outside of the self, or through material possessions, although this is not so. True bliss comes when you are still and at peace with your self and you are able to connect with the Oneness of all that surrounds you, to acknowledge the magnificence in the natural world that encircles you. I am truly connected to source whenever I am in the presence of natural beauty, like today walking along silently sensing the the energy of life pulsating through everything that I passed, knowing that we are all One. Do you ever really feel the wind? Allowing your body to sense the wind as it caresses you body, teasing your hair as it whisks past you, can you feel how alive the wind is, full of energy as it entwines itself with everything in its path. Feeling the wind blowing around me as I walk envelopes me and induces a meditative state where I am once again at peace, blissful knowing that I am at One with my creator.


Madame B is currently enjoying a catnap in 'her' bedroom aka the spare room. Blossom has appeared to have taken this room over, come 2 ish each afternoon she heads down the corridor in search of her favorite friend Ra our illustrious Sun, although when it gets a little too hot for comfort she snuggles up nearer the pillows!
Oh to be a cat in my care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How hilarious is this car??? From is bulging headlights to its sparse interior this little car is the ultimate biddy car.
Aptly name S-Cargo as it resembles a snail, I found it so amusing.
I am not sure if these are meant for people with bad eyesight, if you look close enough on the dashboard you will the extra large speedometer!

Misha's New Calf

You can see the love and tenderness of this Rothschild's Giraffe as she watches over her four day old calf, the sad aspect to this families life is that it is to be spent behind bars in a zoo, and even more tragic than that is that there are only 400 Rothschild's Giraffes left in the wild. I know that zoo's play their part in breeding programmes and saving many species of animals from extinction, however my heart weighs heavy when I think that this little one will never truly be free from the prying eyes of the humans who visit her zoo. At least she will be safe from hunters that wish to use her pelt for that lovely rug or perhaps turn her into their dinner.
The most important message that these photo's transmit to humanity (especially those who still see animals as mere walking steaks), is the depth of emotion present and the unmistakable motherly love. It is photographs like this that will reach perhaps a few more sleeping humans, penetrating their tough hearts to show the depth of love within the animal kingdom, this love is present all around you everyday, watching your local birds is a good place to start to witness the absolute adoration animal parents have for their young.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A meandering path for that meditative stroll....................
This is quite a unique beach we found, sitting on the beach facing east you will look out to this vista of the river Moore...
Turning around to the west you will see the Indian Ocean, a coastal playground for many..............................

Priceless Pelican's

What a gift the Universe provided me with today, two amazing pelicans came wandering along the beach in search of food.
They appeared to be quiet use to having humans with camera's around, not taking fright in the slightest.
More like striking a pose for the photographer don't you think???? Seeing them was the highlight of my day (so far)...........................

Feeling Blissful

As the sun rises in all its radiant glory I feel completely connected to this magnificent orb, as I watered the garden this morning I was alone in a still slumbering world, the morning calls of the native birds were the only sounds breaking the silence.

Today the galactic portals are open projecting an increase of Universal energy into this third dimensional world of ours, I can feel the enchantment of this special day oozing into my being, filling me with love. As I looked around my growing garden I breathed in the beauty of these magnificent treasures, knowing that with my love and nurturing I have created my very own natural paradise, when I am working with these gentle and silent beings I feel connected to my creator even more, it is only when I am communing with nature (be it plant or animal) that I find my soul stills and my heart is filled with the most profound sense of love.

To walk this world asleep to the beauty and companionship the natural world offers us is to never truly know the brilliance of your true self..................................Gemel

Saturday, December 29, 2007

From This

To this, actually it wasn't eaten, we are taking it on a picnic tomorrow, I was simply inspired to see what I ended up with!
A delicious vegan pasta salad with mixed olives, sun dried tomatoes, fresh chives, Spanish onion, vegan pesto, garlic, and green capsicum. In a word, YUM!

Sea Monster

This rock formation I decided looks like a sort of doggy sea monster! The rocks are a fair way out and I was struggling to hold the camera still enough with the zoom on., although I feel that you can see clearly the funny face and two humps. Perhaps it could be called the Rocknest Monster!
I enjoyed my first seaside walk since my third (and last) operation this morning, armed with my new camera I set out to absorb the natural beauty and energy of this coastal delight.......
The water was tempting me to dive in as it was rather hot............
The seagulls were taking a siesta as the temperature continued to soar............
The rock pools had engaged my attention as I walked along, the swell of the waves mesmerising me and washing away fleeting thoughts......................

Friday, December 28, 2007

Today's Affirmation

I Unify in order to Purify
Attracting Flow
I seal the Process of Universal Water
With the magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
I am guided by my own power doubled
I love these sculptures of trees that I discovered in a park near to where I live, they blend in with the natural setting even though they are made of metal.
Trees are magnificent beings, strong, nurturing, and loving. Like the animals of this planet they suffer hideous deaths and torture at the hands of man. Spending time in their energy, watching their swaying branches, feeling the support and strength of their trunks is an exercise few of us engage in. Take the time to breathe in their essence, press firmly against an ancient tree and feel its strength and love surge into your being, take the time to hug one now and then, regardless of what others will think of you, the energy you will receive from this practice is well worth appearing somewhat strange!

I have had a period of temporarily straying from my path, I know that I have found the frustration of these operations and of course the self produced injury this year deeply confining, having been use to an active life, all of the repercussions of the 'accident' has taken it's toll on me, I feel heavy with the dense energy which now has invaded my body vessel. To rekindle my energy levels is simple I know, it is of cause completely up to me to remember my ability to be what it is I desire to be, and how I desire to be! To remember who I am!
It is all perfect and of course was part of my destiny, no requirement for blame, by acknowledging and accepting ownership of my energy levels my awareness shifts instantly, I feel that I was punishing my self for creating the accident in the first place............................What a completely 'human' thing to do!
In the words of my guides;
"You are never alone Our Dearest One of Light, in your struggles to condemn yourself to the confines of the dense third dimensional world does not mean you are free from our love and support of you. We walk with you daily and know that you will return to your self when you see past the illusion once again, returning you to your path. You know the way, and your slip has been a slight one, you are of course a spiritual being experiencing humanity, this includes moments for growth!
Enough said!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Madame B had her check up today with Dr Craig with pleasing results, she appears to be over the worst, however we still have a few little obstacles to overcome, with a lot of TLC she will be fine for a few more years yet. FABULOUS!

Divine Light

This morning I was greeted by this glorious sight.
I have called it god light since being a child, it is always such an awe inspiring sight to see.
Whenever I witness this magical wonder I wish to be soaring amongst the clouds returning to my true home..................

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Madame B enjoying the morning sunshine................................Looking much brighter today..........................
And I am positive that she will return to her usual old biddy cat self in no time at all..........

Thank you Auntie Tracy, Not!

Blossom was not very impressed with her Crimbo hat from Auntie Tracy as you can see. She much prefers to sleep on it!

Thank you Dr Craig..........................

So impressed was I with Blossom's new vet I convinced Madame B to send him a little thank you card for taking such good care of her. This card was PURRFECT seeing that it was her bottom that received a great deal of attention! Bless her, she did however remain composed and extremely dignified at all times, well a lady has too!
Having wrote in it herself (with her mum's help) she insisted I take the card and a box full of yummy chocolates down on my own, she just could not bring herself to go down there again....................Can't think why!

Am I mad???????????? Mmmmmm definitely YES!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

She Is Home

Blossom is now home and still recovering from her ordeal, she has a few more little obstacles to conquer before she is entirely in the clear health wise, however now she is at home once again with those who love her dearly, and that is the best medicine all round.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Update on Blossom

On our visit to the vets this morning we were delighted to find Madame B looking much better, she was obviously feeling better too as she had polished off two bowls of tuna, which believe me was a vast improvement on how she was yesterday, I thought that she would not see the day out.......................fingers crossed that she will be home tomorrow!!!

Blooming Lovely

Some of the lovely flowers that are blooming in our new garden. Rainbow Lilly

Sun Rose
Native Iris

Friday, December 21, 2007

Update........Blossom is still very poorly, still at the vet's, mother still distraught..............
It's no use I can't sleep without my Blossom snuggled up by my side...................................I am counting the hours until I can go and visit her this morning.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blossom is Poorly

I am just on my way to take Blossom her basket as she is staying in the hospital over night..............tummy troubles!!
I do not like the house without her in it, she may be small but she certainly fills it with her love and her presence, bless her.

Please Help

How can the world stand by and allow the Japanese to murder whales? This barbaric and inhumane practice should be stopped once and for all. Whales are gentle and harmonious beings who are far more intelligent than the barbarians who murder them. How this practice is approved by the rest of the world is beyond me, however having said that with the majority of the worlds population not seeing anything wrong with the mindless slaughter of billions of animals a day to fill their stomachs perhaps answers that question.
Mans superior attitude over the animal kingdom is not acceptable, we were not placed upon this planet to murder those that are different to us, exterminating not only the precious animals yet the planet its self. The death these elegant tender whales suffer is sickening, such a torturous way to leave this world.

Join me as I send love and light to these beautiful creatures, asking that their trauma be as little as possible, and to penetrate the cold, butchers who make their living by such bloody means, and more importantly to lift the vibration of the planet to begin the transition to an age of equality, where the sleeping humans wake up from their slumber to see that they are connected to those they eat, they are in fact eating themselves. Every single molecule within the Universes is connected to All, that means YOU are part of every animal that suffers, and every whale that is slaughtered is connected to you.

By turning a blind eye to these facts is to continue to walk through your life asleep to what you really are, a spiritual being having a human experience, and no spiritual being would allow these ferocious practices to continue.