Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Happened To...........

What his happening to our children? Why is it that so many little children are dressed like mini adults? Why are they unable to use the imaginations these days and play without the aid of computers, gameboys, etc. Do children really require mobile phones and MP3 players? Why are so many of our young so disrespectful to others? Childhood is such a precious time, and this time goes quick enough without making them rush through it just because the powers that be wants to make clones out of them all, wants their parents to buy all the must have items that are 'in' this month. I am proud to recall my own days of growing up, outside on the weekends and school holidays, playing with friends, not watching TV or playing computer games, REAL playing. We would walk (god forbid) to our friends houses, ride bikes, make cubbies, walk to the beach, play all sorts of wonderful make believe games, and even if it was raining the TV still did not go on, we found something else to do. We also dressed as children, not like miniature Paris Hilton's, we had more manners and respect for our parents and other people and we did not think that the world revolved solely around us. I know a handful of children personally that are not like this, their parents like me see the value of childhood. They don't give into the pressure of the media and the children's peers to buy, buy, buy whatever the latest fashion or gadget dictates. They allow their children to be children they enjoy and cultivate their imaginations, keeping the magical days of childhood alive for as long as possible, allow the enchanting days of childhood to linger as long as it possibly can.

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