Saturday, November 10, 2007


Do you ever wonder why you are here? What is the purpose of this life of yours? We are all spiritual beings having a 'human' experience, we are here to remember that we are all One, the Universe is completely connected to itself, we are all on the same journey, the ultimate upliftment of each other. I know for those that have not awakened to your own inner power this concept makes no sense, you are still entirely engrossed in the mass consciousness of duality, that those of us who are different to us should be hated and persecuted, failing to understand that this is the realm of free choice, a planet of learning. All is perfect. No soul that walks this planet is unworthy of love or compassion, all of us have come here to learn, to feel, and to experience for the ascension of our own soul. We create our own reality every day, with all our actions and words, we alone shape our life. My personal anguish has created my recent injury, I am to release it, move forward, I understand this and know that I am advancing my evolution because of it, I also know that because we are reaching critical mass in regards to planetary and personal ascension the lessons and natural catastrophes that we all encounter presently are assisting in cleansing the negative vibrations of humanity and of Mother Earth. I personally know that to remain in the heart at all times is indeed a challenge, although I must hasten to add, that even though I have my moments of whinging about my fellow travellers, I do not send them any ill will, on the contrary, I send them light and love. I know that to harbour negative emotions we create inner havoc, illness, injury and dis-ease. We each choose our own life story with such accuracy, planned to the last detail of who we will include in our personal story, therefore all is blameless. Everything that happens in my life, your life, every ones life is pre-destined to a certain extent, and once we have learnt a particular life challenge it is up to us to rewrite our own story so we do not go around and around repeating the same life lesson, listen to intuition and watch for synchronicity, this will enable us to become closer to remaining in the heart, to begin living in 'The Light". Cherish this planet and your fellow man, even those who are still completely absorbed by the darkness of duality because they are part of you, we are all One. Realize that the paths others choose to walk are for their own enlightenment, their personal transition, and growth. As I have awaken to my own truth, I am able to see why I was adopted, sexually abused as a child, had two a violent and traumatic relationships, why I am where I sit today writing these words. It was all perfect. There is no judgements to be made, no accusations to shout, no blame to be given because I planned it all, the only difference is now I know. Allow your ego mind to dissolve, it is the incessant chatter of this troublesome character that keeps the illusion of duality thriving, it flourishes on disasters, fear, hatred, and violence. Return to the sanctuary of your heart, it is by returning to the stillness that will enlighten you of your sovereignty and of your connection to all life forms in the Universe, by taking that simple step you will begin to awaken the sleeping monarch within.

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