Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Other Project

The front room is also finally going to be completed too, this room has a calming feel, its large windows give a sense of bringing the outside in, which is why I have stuck to earthy serene tones of browns, greens, with splashes of orange and yellow here and there. I am using the same method for curtains in here, this time I chose a sage dress lining and coupled it with a shimmering translucent green voile, the effect will be stunning. As the morning sun shines through the room will have a magical feel transforming the normal golden glow to a tranquil hazy green. We still have to find the right pieces for the walls, painting them a deep mocha tone to compliment the contrasting hues. You might have spied the dangling Tibetan beaded cords, these are the tiebacks for this room.
Our whole house has taken on my taste for the exotic, an ethnic eastern feel which is so me, I often repeat an idea in different rooms, which is fine as the colours differ throughout the house. I know that I now require the house to be finished, my soul craves a therapeutic hideaway from the world, where I can rest, no longer looking around at the endless tasks waiting to be completed.

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