Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Miracle Cat

I had an experience I shall not forget in a very long time last night involving my beloved cat Blossom, I saved her once again.

I was woken suddenly in the night knowing that Blossom was dead, and as I reached across to where she was sleeping on the bed I prayed that it was not true. It was, she was limp, cold and completely lifeless, she felt shallow, empty somehow, she was no longer in her body. I can't believe how calm I felt, it was such a strange sensation being woken knowing what I was to find. I know that my La La's (spirit guides) are with me always, I see them and hear them daily in thousands of different ways, yet this is one time their assistance will be held close to my heart.

As I held her close and began to caress her, as the tears started to well up in my eyes I called out 'Blossom no' ever so quietly, I know she is old, yet my time with her I felt was not yet due to end. And to my utter amazement she twitched and started to come back, slowly her body began to move, and she was breathing again, she looked up and purred and I looked up and gave thanks to the Universe for allowing her to remain with me awhile longer. I know that life is not ended with the shedding of the body vessel, however it still does not prepare you for that moment of separation, when you know that physical contact will no longer be possible.

I am often amazed at what I have experienced in life, and this I would have to say this is quite possibly the most astounding experience I have ever had. If I require any confirmation in the future about my connection with the Universe, I only ever need remember this moment.

Thank you........................


Mandi said...

You're back....that's glad that Blossom is okay again...I know that it will be hard when she goes but hopefully not yet...seems like she forgot to happens...hope you are is the knee

Gemel said...

I am okay, still off line though except I have the use of a computer over the weekend, ours is getting fixed, the graphic card went.......whatever that is! I trust it will be a swift job, funny I did not know how much I would miss my computer until it was not here.........Knee is coming along slowly, that is the only way. Talk soon xoxoxox pippo

Mandi said...

graphic card is the thing that makes the pictures, art work , photos, movement sound etc...bri home you I needed a change of blog color..was getting bored of the green...bit cold for winter so went for autumnal insteadxx