Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mayan Prayer

Prayer To Hunab K'U
For Daytime

With the rising of the Sun we receive your words, Master.
Because with your light we awaken to contemplate everything.
We also contemplate ourselves because we are your children.
This is why at dawn we surrender ourselves to you.
So that you may protect us and teach us your wisdom.
It is why we surrender to you, Father and Master Hunab K'U.
And we surrender our children,
Just as our parents surrendered us to you.
Master Hunab K'U, you know what yo make of us
We ask you, Master Hunab K'U, to regain fraternal love.
We ask this of you, Master, Giver of Movement and Measure, so that wee do not lose ourselves. Oh Master, Hunab K'U!

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