Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have to get this off my chest before I can sleep tonight.

How can anyone use live dog's and cat's for shark bait? And more to the point why would they want to? How can they stand there watching a terrified, defenseless animal be torn the threads or drown just so they can catch a shark and to then murder that? Images are swimming around my head of this barbaric act of sheer brutality. The older I get the less I understand the human race and its greed to fill its stomach with the flesh of other living beings when there is simply no need for it.

Every creature on this planet has a right to live in peace and harmony, it is not here to be farmed and hunted for mans dinning table, there are plenty of fruits, nuts grains, vegetables, and pulses to sustain human life. You can eat without bloodshed.

I know this is but one vicious and cruel act that humanity bestow upon our animal companions, yet I find this so completely insane, how do these fishermen sleep at night? Are they totally without a heart and soul, are they completely asleep to the interconnectedness of this wonderful Universe of ours? Do they not think that they will have great karma to endure for such tortuous acts?

My prayer to all these gentle and loving creatures that are murdered daily, is that their suffering is not prolonged, and that they return home to a place of peace and love never to be treated in such a brutal way again.

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