Thursday, November 22, 2007

I have just been sitting outside underneath a canopy of stars enjoying the silence of the morning. There is no wind (for a change) and not a sound to be heard anywhere close by. The stillness envelopes me, oozes into my pores and stills my heart. I cherish these exclusive morning moments that I have to myself, connecting with the Universe and those that watch us from above, it is the only time I feel completely whole, I sense the presence of the Universal energy that pulsates throughout creation feeling my Oneness with all, seen and unseen, stilling my soul as the miracle of another day begins to emerge. Since being a child I have always viewed the sky as my true home, the place where I truly belong, our time here on this glorious planet we call home is just a moment in our lives, a fragment of our journey. Being outside, alone and still in these precious dawn hours takes me home for a fleeting moment, reminding me how amazing I really am.

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