Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am a little stir crazy today, I really could do with seeing someone or getting out of the house. I have done pretty well since my operation, yet I have a mood of heart-heaviness today. I know it will pass, yet at this moment I feel down and low, it is a little too hot to sit outside, the sun is relentlessly providing its heat for us today, although a lone cloud often appears meandering its way across the vast blue sky......................................
As I sit outside I feel better, more connected to myself and to the Universe, knowing that no matter how I feel or where I find myself I am never truly alone, I sense the presence of those who accompany me on this human existence of mine, see them as they move closer to me. In moments such as these I realize how far I have come in my own personal journey, and how each and everyday is taking me towards my destiny and back to where I belong. These little hiccups we give ourselves are to be taken lightly, it doesn't matter if I have a day where I feel disconnected and a little down, it is merely negative energy working its way out, if I am aware of how I feel I know that I am in control, it is when I am lost in feelings of self pity and melancholy that I may risk losing my way and giving into the manipulative ego mind.

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