Friday, November 30, 2007

Goodnight Ra

After dinner we took a walk at our beach, well not 'our' beach exactly, just our nearest, and look at me two walks in one day, that is more like it, getting back to a fit Gem!!!!
I love the way the sand tells its story of the days visitors, each set of footprints belonging to a different person, each set holds a unique story.................
A glorious sight indeed, Ra setting as he departs us for another day..............
The seagulls take the opportunity to enjoy an evening meal of insects and worms................mmmmm yummy!
I am always happy to see others that share my love of watching the setting Sun, how many share my connection with this mighty orb is irrelevant, maybe they don't really know why it is they drive or walk down each night to watch its disappearance from our part of the world, which is okay as the connection is intrinsic within us all, only some of us however acknowledge this connection and know that the Sun is far more that a beacon of light to warm this precious planet we call home..........................

Alfresco Dinning....................

The table is set and waiting for tonight's vegan delight................................shepherds pie and runner beans. It was delicious if I do say so myself!
It was really pleasant sitting outside to eat and once the entire back garden is completed it really will be a little oasis, till then we still have a little bit of rumble to contend with as you can see, still each weekend brings us closer to its completion .....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Dearest Wish

My wish is to be this close to a pod of whales, to hear their songs, to watch them breach. The beauty they radiate is awesome to me, they are magnificent gentle giants, they harm no other, they simply wish to live their lives in peace, as is their right. May man wake up to the miracle of life and cease to hunt these wondrous beings. My love is sent to the whales of our oceans, to remain safe and out of the murderous clutches of the killer fishermen.

Awesome Whales

Sneezing Panda

When our light comes alive within us, it comes alive within all creation.................

The new bird bath in the back garden, waiting for the birds to realise that it is there, bless them, we wanted something that would blend into this part of the garden, this is perfect. Also the orange kangaroo paws are beginning to flower, I haven't seen orange ones before so am curious to see them in full bloom, amazing how many varieties there are of these now.............
This little garden by the dinning room window is a mixture of fuchsias, impatience, and lilly's. It has been in a week and is just starting to settle in nicely, this time next year I dare say it will be rather lovely.......................

This Mornings Walk

The sand was warm, white, and soft, seaweed was scattered about on the shore line...........
The sand dunes stood like silent guardians watching over the serenity of the beach........
The locals were out in force enjoying a glorious beginning to a new day..................
While a lone seagull stole a moment to contemplate the solitude and peace of this quite coastal haven.......

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Wish For Today

On my way to do my walking this morning I noted how many freshly killed animals were littering our roads. Cats and kangaroos, with the odd bobtail lizard, bless them, it brings such sadness to my heart to see them lying there, and I always pray their parting was swift and as pain free as possible. Why do people let their cats out at night anyway? They should be in, safe from harm and also it leaves the local wildlife to get on with their nocturnal activities free from stalking cats! I know that at times it is unavoidable to hit an animal, I killed a snake years ago and have never got over it, (it was him or me, I had nowhere to go and it as long as the lane I was in) I screamed and cried like a banshee, especially when I went back to see if it was dead, most people are more concerned about their cars and don't even think to check that the poor victim is alive and suffering or dead. My snake was dead, bless its heart, snapped in two. I know that If I am able to stop for birds, lizards, snakes, cats, rabbits, and dogs then I do, I have even pulled over if I am uncertain what the animal in question will do, sometimes they start in one direction and the change their minds and wander back in front of you.

My wish for today is that less animals are killed on the roads and that more people stop or slow down instead of ploughing into these defenseless creatures and causing pain and suffering to their loved ones.

The other thing that is worth noting about me at the moment is the fact I have not read any books for weeks now, I think I am all read out. I have enjoyed a year full of reading and to date I have read 107 books (which maybe explains it!). It is not as if I have nothing stimulating to read, just can not seem to get into any book that I pick up, in the last few weeks I have attempted to start around twenty books, read a few pages and then promptly loose interest. Whats going on????? Maybe I should just allow my soul to guide me in this and give myself some breathing space where reading is concerned, perhaps this is a sign to take up another hobby?

Can't sleep again, just woke up wide awake an hour or so ago, after snuggling with Blossom for awhile I decided to get up, drives me mad just laying there longing to drift off again. I haven't got anything on my mind, well not consciously anyway, just wide awake..................

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some rescued animals that have found a good, loving home. These little birds spent the first part of their life living in a garage, their feathers had fallen out and they had not seen the sun. Now they have a nice new home and sing all day long.
This little lady had a cruel start to life too, having been kicked in her beautiful face she has a permanent squint, bless her. She also has an issue with food, she was never fed enough at first so eats just about non stop if you allow her to, so she has to wait outside her home hoping to nip in at any opportunity.

At least now their suffering is over as my friend has now made their lives comfortable and safe, no one will ever harm them again.

Look Who I Met Today!

Meet Magnet, the most adorable puppy I have met in a very long time. He is a Pomeranian / Maltese cross, otherwise known as a 'boutique dog' due to the fact that they are small and have an utterly divine temperament. He spent most of the time we were with him jumping up on my knee or sitting with his mum (as he is here) just looking down right cute!
So adorable was Magnet that he has convinced me that I too may just become an owner of such a wonderful dynamic bundle of fur.

A funny thing happened to me

My trousers split while I was out shopping!!!! Lucky for me I was wearing one of my long Indian tunic tops and my bottom was covered.................... I don't think anyone saw, and if they did they enjoyed a laugh at my expense as no one said anything to me. Bless my heart I have no idea when it happened I only noticed when I got home, how I did not before that is beyond me as the spilt was huge, from the waistband to the top of my leg........................what a giggle I had when I realised hee hee. At least I had remembered to put knickers on, and as luck would have it they were the same colour!! The down side is that these linen pants were a favourite of mine I have had them for AGES got them from Tescos for a tenner and wore them so much, which is obvious, I wore them out! What will I do without them???????????

Saturday, November 24, 2007

How I wish our local kangaroo's could be beamed down to this place, instead they are terrified as their home is destroyed around them. This little group however are still able to enjoy their natural environment, although they too have learnt about cars, dogs, people, and fences.
The kangaroos that live or should I say lived in our local area are fast losing their homes, acre after acre of nature reserve is being sold off to build more houses close to the sea, making the investors an awful lot of money seeing as the cheapest block of land is priced at eight hundred thousand dollars. My heart is heavy when I see the destruction and murder that is committed in the search of an even more exclusive address, no one seems to worry about the animals, birds, insects, reptiles, trees. I don't understand how people in general are so completely bind to the annihilation of life around them, it is as if they think that unless you are a human you can not feel at all.
I trust that this family of kangaroos lives forever without mass devastation eradicating their home, and that the people in other areas begin to awaken to the pain and suffering they cause. If only a few more of you thought about all the millions of animal and plants that are destroyed world wide in any one day in the name of progress I am sure you would see how soul destroying it is to belong to the human race, I find this my most difficult challenge in this life time, I choose animals over people any day.
I am back using my laptop as the other computer is not working again, technology is a wonderful thing, when it works that is!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I have just been sitting outside underneath a canopy of stars enjoying the silence of the morning. There is no wind (for a change) and not a sound to be heard anywhere close by. The stillness envelopes me, oozes into my pores and stills my heart. I cherish these exclusive morning moments that I have to myself, connecting with the Universe and those that watch us from above, it is the only time I feel completely whole, I sense the presence of the Universal energy that pulsates throughout creation feeling my Oneness with all, seen and unseen, stilling my soul as the miracle of another day begins to emerge. Since being a child I have always viewed the sky as my true home, the place where I truly belong, our time here on this glorious planet we call home is just a moment in our lives, a fragment of our journey. Being outside, alone and still in these precious dawn hours takes me home for a fleeting moment, reminding me how amazing I really am.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bless her heart, Blossom is waiting for her bowl to be filled after coming to find me to tell me it was empty, oh bless!
She has a unique way of coming to tell me that she is hungry, she will first try the staring approach, which means she will come to where I am and stare at me until I get up and follow her, if I fail to do that she starts to talking to me insisting that I follow by walking off making certain that I am indeed following. If I don't follow she will come back and get a bit louder, walking off again but this time she will stop to make certain I have began to move. Then she marches off ahead, ears back as she heads for the kitchen on a mission to fill her empty bowl. She then sits in front of it like this until it is full of more yummy kitty snacks, god love her.

What Happened To...........

What his happening to our children? Why is it that so many little children are dressed like mini adults? Why are they unable to use the imaginations these days and play without the aid of computers, gameboys, etc. Do children really require mobile phones and MP3 players? Why are so many of our young so disrespectful to others? Childhood is such a precious time, and this time goes quick enough without making them rush through it just because the powers that be wants to make clones out of them all, wants their parents to buy all the must have items that are 'in' this month. I am proud to recall my own days of growing up, outside on the weekends and school holidays, playing with friends, not watching TV or playing computer games, REAL playing. We would walk (god forbid) to our friends houses, ride bikes, make cubbies, walk to the beach, play all sorts of wonderful make believe games, and even if it was raining the TV still did not go on, we found something else to do. We also dressed as children, not like miniature Paris Hilton's, we had more manners and respect for our parents and other people and we did not think that the world revolved solely around us. I know a handful of children personally that are not like this, their parents like me see the value of childhood. They don't give into the pressure of the media and the children's peers to buy, buy, buy whatever the latest fashion or gadget dictates. They allow their children to be children they enjoy and cultivate their imaginations, keeping the magical days of childhood alive for as long as possible, allow the enchanting days of childhood to linger as long as it possibly can.

Monday, November 19, 2007

At Last

Here they all are, lined up anxiously waiting to spread their roots into the earth, free at last from their pots, I can almost hear them cheering as their release draws closer and closer................
It took me several attempts placing the plants in different positions until I felt completely happy with how it felt.........................
All in and watered, now the mulch is starting to be spread........................
And there we have it, the native garden, (or room as I look to call it) all that is needed now is a bird bath for all the thirsty little birds who will visit the garden. And of course I will be watering them several times a day until they get over the shock of transplanting.
It has certainly made a difference and with each step that is completed the nearer we get to that natural haven I so desired. Next? The tropical gardens around the pool..........................

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day for a quiet meander by the sea, listening to the waves gently breaking on the shore, seeing the seagulls silently flying overhead. It was good to outdoors and somewhere other than home.
With stunning beach side walks that amble on for mile after mile I feel fortunate to have these places of immense natural beauty to escape to for peaceful meditative walks.
With the sky adding ambiance to the already flawless day, it indeed felt good to here, now.

Stage Four

Just about finished now, only the sealing to do.
We changed our mind and decided to do all the pool area with the limestone, thought that breaking it up with some decking would have been a bit much. Really glad as it looks ace.
The path shows the pattern better in the morning sunlight.
Alfresco area is now bigger and has a lighter feel to it too.
Inside looking out....................

Stage Three

The pouring begins.................
The pool area is starting to look great................................
And I had just cleaned the windows!
The path taking shape...........................

Stage Two

Stage two the setting up.................
Lots to do before the trucks arrive with the limestone........One last check before the compacting.......

Enjoying a cuddle with my little angel cat.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have to get this off my chest before I can sleep tonight.

How can anyone use live dog's and cat's for shark bait? And more to the point why would they want to? How can they stand there watching a terrified, defenseless animal be torn the threads or drown just so they can catch a shark and to then murder that? Images are swimming around my head of this barbaric act of sheer brutality. The older I get the less I understand the human race and its greed to fill its stomach with the flesh of other living beings when there is simply no need for it.

Every creature on this planet has a right to live in peace and harmony, it is not here to be farmed and hunted for mans dinning table, there are plenty of fruits, nuts grains, vegetables, and pulses to sustain human life. You can eat without bloodshed.

I know this is but one vicious and cruel act that humanity bestow upon our animal companions, yet I find this so completely insane, how do these fishermen sleep at night? Are they totally without a heart and soul, are they completely asleep to the interconnectedness of this wonderful Universe of ours? Do they not think that they will have great karma to endure for such tortuous acts?

My prayer to all these gentle and loving creatures that are murdered daily, is that their suffering is not prolonged, and that they return home to a place of peace and love never to be treated in such a brutal way again.


What would happen to us, to the world if there was actually an hour of the day called 'Later'? What would that mean to all of us when we say 'I'll do it later', I will start that diet 'later', I'll start to exercise 'later'. If we stopped to think about what later means to us would we postpone things so frequently? Later creates guilt, which in turn creates stress, which turns to illness, and on the cycle goes! Whatever we put off to do 'later' always sits there tauting us, making us feel worse as every day passes, the more we put these things off, for days, weeks, months, years, even decades, the worse our situation or state of mind becomes. Then what usually happens is one day you wake up and realise that you have no more later's, time has run out, the option of changing is gone, blown forever. I know that I am a great one for saying that I will do it tomorrow, sometimes it is little things like ironing, at other times it is more important things that appear a little too much to take on or complete, so they get pushed into the tomorrow pile, and there they stay, until it feels like a monumental task just to look at what has to be done let alone do it. The solution is simple, do it NOW. Take care of all aspects of your life now, look after you NOW, because there is no better time than NOW. Live for today in every single way, make the best of every day, be the best person you can be everyday.

Stage One

After two delays the workman finally showed up today to do the bull nose work around the the pool edge.
It is difficult to tell what it will look like tomorrow when the limestone is poured tomorrow.

Although I think it will look great, it smooths it all off, and the great thing about the liquid limestone is that it is cool underfoot, and in these last few day where the temperature has been quite hot, we burnt our feet getting into the pool. No more though!
Stay tuned for the completed project tomorrow.............................................