Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who owns the......

Who made the Sun? Who owns the sea? Who owns the sand and trees? Is it really us? The humans? How can this be? it is not ours to sell. The gift of this planet and all that is present upon her was not sold to humanity, yet humanity has taken ownership of it, raping and destroying this jewel of the Universe. What does our Creator think of this? What do the other Star Beings make of the selfishness of the pompous humans? I know that it is not all of humanity that has set its sights upon the total ownership of this planet, its people and animals too. However the actions of these greedy, controlling, power hungry individuals has catapulted the Earth towards its total destruction in an all consuming need to get rich. It has taken many years to reach this point of devastation, and as we head towards the Age of Light the actions of these dominant people will not be accepted by those of us who understand and live by the Universal laws that govern not only Earth but the entire Universe. There are may like me throughout the world radiating our light around the planet to assist in her recovery and the recovery of her people, animals, plants and oceans. We are here to send healing to her shattered mountains, her polluted oceans, to her devastated forests and jungles, even when at times it pains us so to witness the annihilation that is currently taken place world-wide. The slumbering humans will not learn or awaken as long as they follow blindly without question, they are forever tempted by the promise of the shiny apple, they will do whatever it takes to be given their reward. The day is fast approaching when they will discover that they hold the power of the Universe encased deep within their sleeping souls, and with this discovery the world will begin it's transformation.

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