Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Words Written Long Ago

Yesterday I was sorting out a few drawers and cupboards that I do not use frequently and I happened upon a book that I had written my innermost thoughts in, from June 2004. Here is some of my wisdom............................ June 14 2004 Thoughts = Creation Whatever situation you find yourself in, your thoughts got you there. The power of your thoughts and spoken words should not be taken lightly. Whenever you face a part of yourself that you don't like, darkness, lack of willpower, honour it, what is it here to teach you? Every persons sole reason for being is to wake................if they do not choose to wake in this incarnation, no one else can do it for them. We are here to evolve, to know who we are, to accept our rightful place in the perfection of the Universe. The key is to remember, to understand WHO we are, where we came from, our real history and to believe in our ability to create our life, hook, line and sinker. July 15 2004 Everything I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need comes to me in perfect time, space, sequence. Life is joyful and filled with love. I am loving, lovable and loved. I am healthy and filled with energy. I prosper where ever I turn. I am willing to change and grow. All is well in my world. Fear Fear is not having trust. When a fearful thought comes up, it really is trying to protect you. Thank fear for helping you. Observe your fears, recognise that you ARE not THEM. Fears will come and go rapidly, unless you insist on holding on to them. Fear is limitation of the mind. Anger is fear that becomes a defense mechanism. Do affirmations so you will stop reacting to fearful situations, in your mind love yourself through the fear. Everything is inside. Every experience. Every relationship IS The mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us. Fear is the opposite of love. The more we love and trust WHO we are, the more we attract these qualities to us. Body / Cells Cells respond to our mental patterns. Over eating = protection I use to have a problem with weight, now I allow myself to be the perfect weight for me. Insecure or frightened people pad themselves. Weight has nothing to do with food. Realise the problem. Weight is only an outer effect of fear.. I use to have a problem with bloating, I allow my body to be flat and free. Cells respond to our mental patterns, when the need for protection is gone, the fat will melt away. I use to have a problem with muscle tone, now I allow myself to be firm and subtle. I do not use my body for sickness, dis-ease, fear or negativity - Only peace, pleasure love and prosperity are in my world and my body. Allow yourself to listen to your body. Move beyond the pain, instead of reaching for pills to quiet the pain, look inside for a period of time. LOOK at what you are DOING to cause it. With your problems, ask, "how am I contributing to this problem. What is it that I need to know?" Forgiveness is the key. Do not bear grudges. Affirm that you are totally willing to forgive EVERYONE. I am willing to free myself from the past. I am willing to forgive those who have harmed me. I forgive myself for having harmed others. Everything is possible. I live and dwell in the totality of positive possibilities. Where I am there is all good. Believe that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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