Monday, October 29, 2007

Sometimes the path which we walk in life seems to presents us with obstacles we feel we can do without, most of the time these little or big diversions are vital to our growth as an individual. However at times you do not see what it is that you are to learn from a situation, and you become stagnated, perhaps going around in circles, having the same situation repeating itself over and over. Have you ever felt like you have your feet stuck in the mud, no matter how desperately you attempt to get yourself out of the situation that hampers your happiness, the more you sink? These frustrating and depressing situations are an indication that you have in fact missed something, that you are not dealing with the aspect of yourself that requires your immediate attention. Often we will find ourselves irritated or unhappy with another person, blaming them for our despondent state of mind, shifting the focus from our own inner dis-harmony and putting all our energy into blaming them for our gloomy life. No one else can make you unhappy, unloved, neglected, or unworthy, only you can do that by not maintaining your own self worth and self love. It is easy to point the finger at someone else, blaming them for our misgivings, it is always harder to take ownership of your emotions and to begin the process of regaining your equilibrium, even so it is the only way to regain your inner balance and to sustain a harmonious life.
Next time you feel anger or frustration at someone close to you, take time to sit and be still, analyse these dark emotions and trace it back to the root cause within yourself. By doing this you will find that the irritation directed at the person/s will decrease in its intensity and the situation will appear less serious as a result. Above all else you would have taken the first step into healing yourself and conquering a valuable life lesson.

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Mandi said...

Agree with most....but not so true if you are a child..hope the knee is okay..x