Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My journey in life has....................................

My journey in life has always been about following my destiny, listening to the inner voices that talk to me and guide me. I know that globally the planet as well as the people are headed towards ascension, a new beginning at the end of the current world age, an age of darkness, violence, and destruction. What we are all searching for is not outside of us, it is within, an acceptance of unconditional self-love. We seek this love in so many different places, some find satisfaction from material gain, others find it controlling their families or business ventures. Where ever you are searching for that sense of fulfillment do you find that it lasts? It usually lasts for a fleeting moment, no sooner have you achieved your foot on the next run on the ladder of control, success, or material gain you soon realize that it is not enough you feel empty, and thus the search begins once again. The only way to find the joy you seek is to go within, to sit in the stillness of your soul, or to walk alone in nature, having alone time is the key to inner awakening, joy and unconditional self-love. How do you remain on your path when those around you are asleep, they do not give any credence to what you believe in? How do you remain focused upon your destiny, your journey when the world around you is focused upon only what they read, see, or hear from the media? Our do you stay in your own head, clear of the dramas and the games that the human race is addicted too? By loving yourself. By knowing that you are doing the best that you can at any given moment, and if you feel yourself slipping off your path or that you are a little, or a lot stuck, let it go and move on. Know that you are only responsible for your happiness and destiny, and that it is vital for you to do what sits well within your heart and soul, if it feels right to you then you are on the right track. When you know how to accept yourself and love your self unconditionally you will begin to live in peace, allow others to be who they are, what they are, their lives are of no concern of yours. If they are are fat or thin, rich or poor, a street sweeper or the head of a corporate syndicate let them live their lives, it is after all what they wrote for themselves, it is none of your business. Take control of your destiny, become one with your soul, seek your inner awareness by ways of being still, you will bring to yourself a sense of fulfillment that nothing from this material 3rd dimensional world could ever come close to supplying. First step forward, believe in yourself, know yourself, speak only for yourself and above all love yourself.

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