Sunday, October 28, 2007


Life-style the characteristic way of life of a person. Chambers Everyday Paperback Dictionary Why are we caught up with having a 'lifestyle' or living a 'lifestyle' Some people seem to think that living in a country that has a warmer climate provides you with a better lifestyle simply because of the amount of time you are able to spend outdoors enjoying a better way of life. Me personally, I enjoy nothing better than a rugged up winter walk on a frosty day, but that is just me. Having had the opportunity of living in two different countries, one being hot with a reputation of being the lucky country, boasting long hot summers and mild winters, the other a colder climate, with the allure of definite seasons, endless summer days and icy winter months, I appear to be viewed as slightly abnormal as I prefer the colder of the two. However, weather is simply one aspect of this phenomena known as 'lifestyle' because lifestyle is a whole package of things, house, car, land, plasma TV, designer furniture, fancy BBQ, in fact you can be judged by everything you own, wear, drive, and do. Once upon a time people were easily pleased, the average family had two children, and if they were lucky they each had their own bedroom in the family three bedroom, one bathroom home. Life in the modern western world is not that simple any longer, we have become greedy, we want more and more. One lounge room is no longer sufficient for a family, these days it appears we must have a selection of rooms, at least two bathrooms, and four bedrooms. Once we get this lovely house we are then pressured into having all the 'trendy' furniture and fixtures to ensure that when our friends come to call they will all be impressed with our 'designer' den! Now I am not saying that we ought to reside in hovels, far from it, you can achieve a up to date look, or a vintage look by purchasing, god forbid second-hand furniture. I have never liked to follow trends, and I don't live somewhere just because of its apparent wonderful 'lifestyle' and how I feel as a result of living in such a place, in fact this 'lifestyle' baloney is a substitute, usually of unhappy people. Every country is beautiful in its own right, some are hot, harsh, and rugged others, soft, gentle, and cooler. Some have outstanding beaches, clear sunny skies for most of the year, others have majestic snow capped mountains, babbling brooks and magical transformations from season to season, some countries are big enough to have a bit of everything. For me I feel it has nothing to do with lifestyle and more to do with where you feel at personally at peace and happy and you should not be judged for that. As for the material aspect of the 'lifestyle' question, does all this material stuff really matter anyway? Would you suffer if you did not keep up with all the latest trends? I think not. And who benefits from all of this? You or me? No of course not, most of us just keep on attempting to keep up with everyone else, new cars, clothes, house, and possessions looking for that perfect lifestyle that we see advertised daily. So although climate plays a little part in the lifestyle question it really does go deeper than that. You only need to look at how things are advertised, open your eyes and see what is happening, the media play a major part in the way you and your family live your life, from what you eat to where you live. A few months ago I wrote about a local sign that read "change your view" they changed it alright, destroying acres of natural idyllic bushland, home to thousands of creatures to a new land development for a new 'upmarket' housing estate the advertisements show you photographs of a really happy family in a brand new sparkling house, luring you in by promising you a happier life in this exclusive new suburb. None of this is true, it is simply a way of getting the rich richer, and you the consumer in debit up to your eyeballs. As for the country of preference question, do not assume that just because you are patriotic and adore your country that everyone that decides to immigrate will agree with you, and that is okay, it all boils down to personal choice. Often what you may be tempted by initially may provide short term pleasure, yet once the novelty has worn off you feel unsettled wishing to return home, nothing wrong with that, you gave it a go, it was a brave and monumental change to embrace, and it is okay to say that you made a mistake. Life is about joy, happiness and serenity and no amount of money or possessions can provide you with this, it comes from within you, from a happy and contented person, and it does not matter what you buy, wear, or drive if your soul is not happy only you can fix it by finding your inner peace and living where your heart feels still, and in some cases this will not be your country of birth.....................

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