Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Back

Back to the computer for very, very, very short spells I am afraid to say..............can't sit with a bent leg for too long and nowhere to prop it up in here comfortably whist writing! Damn shame!!

Blossom has rarely left my side, or the same room since my return, however she makes certain that the rest of the household has been made aware NOT to take her mummy somewhere and not bring her back ever again. How? By making certain that they are woken frequently throughout the night whilst never waking her mummy! She really is a little tinker! Not to mention, okay I will, shouting for seconds (another serving of dinner) with that "I am REALLY starving" look on her face, only to eat a tiny little bit and promptly walk off, go and sit by the door shouting to go out, then walk off when a certain someone gets there! I'll show you who's boss she says. While for me she is a purring, snuggling little cherub.

She has snuggled into my arm every night since I got home at bed time, in fact that first night she was up on my shoulder nearly covering my face getting as close as possible, wanting to make sure I didn't go anywhere while she was asleep.
These days if I'm in a room Madame B is in there too, and if she happens to be asleep when I left it, she searches for me, usually shouting until she finds me, and to my delight on the two occasions that I have briefly left the house since my return, she once again is at the door waiting when I walk in the door, again shouting about the fact that I forgot to tell her I was going out, bless her beautiful and loving heart.
To be loved like this is a true and unique gift from the Universe, one that I never fail to give thanks for.

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