Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If you think animals can't feel........................

If you think that animals can't feel you need to read Pleasurable Kingdom, Animals and the nature of feeling good by Dr Jonathan Balcombe, it will tell you that animals experience pleasure for pleasures sake. It will also squash the myths that all animals are dumb, that they do have loving emotions for their families and if a pet for their owners.

It will tell you tales such as, a flock of sheep that solved a problem of an eight foot wide cattle grid, they rolled over it!!!!!

Sheep can recognise photographs of 50 or members of their flock!!
Octopuses, turtles and reptiles climb up slides to repeat the pleasure of going down!!
Penguins, otters and bears tobogganing!!!
Ravens flying upside down, gorilla's playing with Labradors, red-neck wallabies playing tag with magpies!!!!!

How a Wilson's warbler can return to the exact spot where it nested the year before having flown thousands of miles, could a human do that? No! Well not without the use of a plane, that is!

It is filled with cold hard facts that ALL animals feel happiness, they love, they play and they feel the pain and suffering the human race puts them through.
Next time you sink your teeth into some flesh food, or its derivatives take some time to think how the animal involved has suffered for your few moments of selfish pleasure......................................

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