Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Friend Comes For Lunch

I felt very spoilt today as a friend came for lunch bringing the food with her, mmmmm it was absolutely delicious.

I know that it was a welcome break from the take-out food we have been surviving on since I am out of action as far as cooking is concerned, and it looks as if it maybe for awhile longer too. We enjoyed a glass of red and this vegan feast, which I must add was cooked by a non vegetarian friend. She excelled herself, the asparagus and broccoli risotto was yummy, and luckily what was left has been donated for our supper tonight.

I have been humbled by the actions of some of my friends in recent months, and at times surprised by the generosity and support I have been given, especially when in most cases I have not known these people very long at all.

Today's lunch was definitely one of the highlights, and it reminded me how blessed I am to have been given these fabulous people as friends to share my journey.


Mandi said...

well there you go then....see it's not so bad out there on your lonesome....hey where's my setting...xx

Mandi said...

p.s. love the knapkins....take a another photo of an open one...where'd you get them...x

Gemel said...

I will send you some, they are my favourites the way what are you doing up so late???