Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Now me being me thought that all people who practised healing, meditation, massage and the like were all open and loving people. That they would honour others in their field and allow them to practice in the same area, knowing that the Universe would provide clients for all. A fair assumption?? I thought so too. However I have seen that in my local area there appears to be a self-centred and nasty holistic person wishing to keep all the clients to herself. I placed leaflet advertising my therapies in a local shopping centre on the notice board, only to find that mine has been taken off, no where to be seen and another healer / meditation teacher has placed hers in exactly the same spot. Is it any wonder I am feeling like I am about the people here? Yet another one who does not live by their example, how on earth can she spread light and love if she has done such a thing? Yes I know, her journey, still it leaves me wondering why she would do such an nonspiritual thing. Don't give up a voice is saying, how many times must I not give up?????

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Mandi said...

she's just a silly old moo and to be totaly ignored....take no notice she will get her Karma...xx