Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I Do What I Do

Why the news papers, television, radio and magazine's play such a tiny part in my life. If the Sun is shining, whether it clear skies or grey, all is at peace in my world. If the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming all is at peace in my world. My world consists of what directly happens to me or indirectly through my immediate family and friends, my world does not involve countless others throughout the world whose stories are sold for media companies to make a dollar. My views I know does not suit others and that is fine, as long as I am not forced to become another mindless person who uses their spare time reading about the misfortunes of others, interfering with the personal mourning's of the passing of another's loved one etc, etc..... I live my life in the old way, where I am only concerned for what happens to me and my loved ones in any day of our lives. It is not part of my journey to included what is happening to someone in another country or another city, even what is occurring in my neighbours lives is of no concern to me. I prefer to live my life knowing that I am responsible for all that happens to me by what I create with my mind, and if I spend time worrying about the journeys of others then I am not being true to myself. This does not mean that I am not compassionate to the plights of others, indeed I honour all souls upon this planet, yet I respect them enough to allow them the privacy to live their life without the prying eyes of others forever watching. Maybe that is one of the reasons that I do not fit into the so called civilised western world, we are to preoccupied with what everyone is doing or has, and spend very little time focused upon our own growth and happiness. My friends that send me lovely truly happy animal news stories, (which you must admit is pretty rare these days), do so as they know of my dedication of this planets animal kingdom, it is a pleasure to know that someone out there actually wishes to pass on some messages of love. Give me a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere where I can grow my own vegetables and offer an sanctuary for animals in need, allow the seasons to come and go. Give my family and friends the means to be able to visit or live with me whenever they feel the desire and I would live in utopia. This world with its 'perfect' celebrities, false friendships, materialism is not for me, yet I am entwined within this society for this incarnation with no end in sight. I understand why my body fights against me as I struggle daily to make sense of living in a senseless world, as I struggle against the tide of sleeping humans, those who never question why they do what they do week after week, month after month, they simply work, watch sport (organised war), shop,eat, sleep.................................................. I question all that I do, all that I am, I question why I feel so out of place on this planet and why I wanted to come in the first place. I question the way so many people will follow before questioning what it is they are following. I feel that if we all spent more time getting to know ourselves better, loving ourselves for the miracles we are, we would wake to find that those that walk beside us are not that different at all, that they are part of us, like us in every way. We are all here to radiate love, yet this is one thing we do not do. Open hearts pulsate to a harmonious and peaceful rhythm and if all us us opened our hearts to be love, our world would begin to heal. We are One, we are all tiny sparks of this magnificent Universe, when will we find the peace that this planet and humanity craves so deeply?

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