Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What To Read

What to read next???? I appear to be going through a period where I am unable to get into any of my books, I have started three in the last week and can't seem to continue with any of them. It doesn't matter whether it is fiction or one of my non fiction books, nothing appears to hold my interest. And it is not because the books are not to my liking.
Could it be that I am ALL read out for awhile????? Have I overloaded my brain with too many non fiction books this year? Perhaps I may require to pursue another pastime for a few months? Maybe I ought to spend more time being still instead of reading? I know that my still time has dropped considerably this year, and that is not something that I wish to continue.
I feel that I have reached a turning point again, perhaps it is a sign of returning to a healthier me, don't get me wrong I enjoy nothing more than reading a great book, however with all this time spent sitting life gets lost along the way.

I feel I am ready for more activity and less sitting.

Seems I have answered my own question, bless my heart.

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