Monday, September 10, 2007

What is happening to us as a race? Today I was waiting for the lights to change and a man who was in a lane with right of way appeared to have broken down, or so I thought. What actually was happening, the woman in the car behind him had apparently been driving aggressively behind him so he simply stopped his car and refused to go through the green light, thus holding up all the traffic behind him. The woman behind got so annoyed that she started blowing her horn and drove so close behind that it was rather dangerous, he then stuck his arm out of his window and started to make gestures to indicate that at she had a big mouth. The light is still on green, he gets out of his car and goes and knocks on her window and they start to argue. Everyone else behind them starts blowing their horns and shouting at which stage the lights changed and I was able to proceed on my way. I was utterly amazed at what I had seen. I know from my own experience the drivers here are far from courteous and the aggressive undertone has the tendency to become lethal, road rage is an excuse in my opinion for people to bully and intimidate others on the roads, perhaps getting rid of their anger, rather than dealing with it in a therapeutic manner. I get my fair share of abuse let me tell you, I refuse to speed, and the amount of maniacs I get flying up behind me in an attempt to drive me along at their speed is incredible. They mouth obscenities at me among other things to try to get their way and make me either speed up or get out of their way. Why do they feel that they are within their rights to do this? Why did that woman this morning feel that she could push another motorist along and harass him so that she could speed along on her way to where ever she was going? If she was late maybe she ought to get up earlier or accept the fact and explain once she arrived at work. There simply is NO excuse for this sort of behaviour on the roads or anywhere else. I feel at times that people forget what it is they are in control of, a huge power hunk of metal that when driven aggressively becomes a lethal weapon. Most people who speed also underestimate their ability to control the car if something were to happen, they all appear to think that they are all competent F1 drivers (in their dreams), that have the skill and the reflexes to drive themselves out of any life threatening situation, which of course they are not able to achieve. What makes me laugh in a cynical type of way is that these same maniac motorists are the same 'friendly people' who later in your day will be greeting you in a shop, a restaurant, a cafe asking if you are 'having a nice day' as if they give a hoot! How can these people be one thing at their place of work and quite another behind the wheel of their car? I hardly feel this is normal or stable behaviour, yet in this is becoming the way to drive in this city, perhaps it is the same elsewhere, in any case it is all going to end in tragedy. I am not comfortable on the roads here, I always choose the quite way, even if this means driving out of my way. And they say the people here are laid back! Mmmmm yeah right!

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