Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rain, Rain Beautiful Rain

Rain, rain beautiful rain, blessing us for another day.

My kangaroo paws are growing ever so high now, they have all started to flower, catching up to the pale yellow grevillea that has a mass of nectar producing flowers all over her at the moment. The whole front garden is really starting to flourish becoming the vision that I saw so clearly in my minds eye when I planned it. Having added two more grevillea's yesterday and a kings park bottle brush tree on Sunday it is now becoming the sanctuary that I crave so desperately. Trees swaying in the wind, the morning chorus of birds as they awaken to greet Ra our rising Sun, a sound that had been lacking in our area since our arrival. The sweet smell of boronia lingering in the air on the warm spring days, it really is delightful.

It is giving me more incentive to get cracking with the back garden, yet the limestone must go down around the pool area first, otherwise my newly planted angels may be hurt in the process. I feel that I am impatient now as I see what a difference nearly one year has made to our front garden, I wish to plant before the spring has ended, it requires this rain to get it started in preparation to our harsh long dry summer. I still have a week or so until my operation,and I trust that I am not as long winded in recuperating this time, that I loose this weight around me and swing back into action and into my life full of vigour and enthusiasm.

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Mandi said...

I used to love the rain tooo.a welcome reprieve always...