Friday, September 28, 2007


Why is it that some people will swerve to miss ducks crossing the road, yet will kill a lizard, snake, cat, dog, kangaroo, deer, sheep, pig, cow....................................without a second thought? We are all one, each being is connected to each other by the wondrous strands of light that radiate out from our physical bodies. It does not matter whether our outer body be covered in feathers, fur, scale, skin or shell, each and every living being is part of you, whether you like to believe so or not. To harm anyone or any other living being is to harm yourself, and by intentionally harming another living being you go against the principals this Universe is based upon, thus you will have negative energy to sort out, especially if are one of those people who like to crush ants on the way to the bus stop, drown defenseless spiders in the bath, poison flies and anything else that has the gift of wings, not to mention harsh and cruel owners of domestic pets, as well as the inhumane farmers of animals in general. I may be laughed at (frequently) for crossing the road rather than stepping on ants, I do not kill anything, not even flies. Oh sure they can get annoying when they are buzzing around you, yet does that justify murder? I don't think so. If only all humans could see the animal kingdom as I do, see the beauty in every single living creature that shares our world, large or small they are all divine, just as we are. I know that every time I move the spider that has taken to living by our front door, I know she will come back, she does, without fail. What harm is she really doing nesting by my front door? She is behaving as a spider should, catching bugs and flies to eat, why should we have a problem with that?? It is this air of superiority that humans have that I can not connect with, it is the main issue that I have to deal with this incarnation, I do not like being part of this cruel human race, it saddens and outrages me continually and there is nothing I may do about it, other than live in my truth and radiate my Light in the hope that dedication of my actions it somehow assisting, cleansing and healing this cruel and unbalanced planet.

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